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  • New Laura Warshauer album

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of Laura Warshauer? I've been listening to her music a lot lately thanks to a friend at Fontana and I'm really impressed. She's a great, emotional singer who I get a compelling indie, pop, rock and folk vibe from. You can check out her song "I Will Be Near You" at, and her self-titled debut's going to be released in a few weeks on September 23rd. Let me know what you guys think, I'm really loving what I've heard of her so far.


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    Re: New Laura Warshauer album

    I just listened to her music clip and it was a very good song. Her voice sort of reminds me of the singer Jewel's voice. I have a feeling now that now that I've been made aware of her existence, I will be hearing more of her. Funny how that happens with some artists early on. I live about 2 hours from Philadelphia and there is a radio station I used to listen to a lot that promotes budding new artists, it's called WXPN. I don't listen so much any more now that I have satellite radio.

    Some years back I was listening to the likes of Norah Jones and believe it or not John Mayer (my fav!) waaaaay before they made it big, which is very cool. I'll keep an ear out for Laura Warshauer too now.
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      Re: New Laura Warshauer album

      yah she totally resembles Jewel, i love jewel too. good call... Laura's album actually comes out today so i am very excited!