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  • Can't i thought i would

    annoy you all with a disgusting biased mother's opinion of tonite's football game.

    So, we travelled to Chambersburg PA, about 2 hrs 15 mins. from where I live to watch our varsity hs team take on the Chambersburg Trojans. (yes, the comment "Trojan man" said in the commercial voice was rampant within my little group of parents. We respectively showed up with about a hundred spectators. Football Frenzy was in full swing tonite. I wish I hadn't fogotten my camera, because their stadium is AMAZING!! One of the spectators made the comment about the field and new stadium costing 5 million and couldn't they get a better team.

    Ok, so my JJ, is a starter on the defensive line. And yes, I will admit I don't know what position he plays and I don't understand what his job is truly to do, other than hitting people so hard that he comes home with bruises everywhere. (just a side note if you don't know, my jj has bilateral clubfeet, a turned tibia and has only 10% mobility to his ankle bone. So, the sheer fact that he is walking is amazing to most people. That he plays football is even more extraordinary.) I did warn you that I am a totally biased mom. lol

    They played really well, no major injuries for our team. But jj appears to have broken his thumb again. He was too tired to go to the er. So, I will run him to peds. tomorrow. The Trojans unfortunately lost a player to a freak accident when his own quarterback fell on him and broke his leg in 1/2. Poor kid was in so much pain. And it appears that one of their smaller running backs may have messed up his knee in tonites game. At least he limped out on crutches and did not have to be removed by ambulance.

    Final score 49 to 28, with the entire 4th quarter being played by our tenth graders and their starting lineup.

    The drive was warm and lovely for myself and the couple I went with. 2 of my bf's who also have a son who plays on the team.

    So, Altoona Area HS football is now 2 and 0, and ranked 10th in Pennsylvania.

    And that was how I spent nine hours of my nite.


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    Re: Can't i thought i would

    Friday night high school football. Surely means fall is on the way. Good luck to the team this year and your son.