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More law office adventures!

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  • More law office adventures!

    I worked on this stupid motion, brief, exhibits, affidavit, etc., for about a week.
    It's been in Scott's TO DO folder since August 8th.
    Now it's due, and an emergency.
    He's going through all the stuff I put together a month ago

    Asks me, "Have we ever done a Memorandum of Costs before?"
    Me, "Um, yeah..."
    Him, "Well, we're gonna need one in this case!"
    Me, "Um, it's in your HAND..."


    Then I'm going through doing an inventory of files we can shred now

    One case was "handling himself"

    I think, "perv"

    Then it dawns on me that the client never retained us, he handled the *case* himself

    I'm easily humored.


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    Re: More law office adventures!

    LOL!!! Sorry I work for a law firm to and know exactly what you mean..........why do they wait until the last minute.....and it is usually 15 minutes before you are to leave for the day and they need it now. But yet they don't want to allow any over time.......