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  • To: Wishingstar/Martha!

    Send me a message and give me your number again. The screen went dead on my phone and that's the only place I had it. Want to keep up with what's going on since you aren't on myspace lately.
    I got new pics there. Went to see the NY Yankees Wenesday and Thursday and got a room on St. Pete Beach, had a blast! I haven't been back to St. Pete. since I moved away in 1991. It hasn't changed much though. Can't wait to do it again next year, but more than once and never, ever stay at a Howard Johnson's again, their advertising lies. Village Inn on the other hand was fantastic, had breakfast there two days and dessert and coffee one night after the game.
    Well, I hope you are well and things are better. I have to go see about dinner. We have gotten fat as pigs and are on a diet, I haven't weighed this much since I was pregnant with my children!
    My 30th high school reunion is this coming week and I was just writing to someone about my best friend from high school who has a summer place down the road from me and she called to
    invite me and Patrick to meet at her house on the lake, then walk over to a popular restaurant. Several other people from my graduating class will be there. I hope Patrick will go with me. I can't go to the reunion so this will be nice.
    Well, better go here. Take care my friend. Miss you, Michelle