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We're going to New York City for the weekend...

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  • We're going to New York City for the weekend...

    We're leaving Thursday! I have a couple of questions for all of you Copykatters:

    1) We are going to the Yankees game on Friday night. Has anyone taken the Yankee
    Clipper ferry to the game? It's $22 roundtrip (there are 3 of us) which seems
    expensive. Website info stated there was a bar and food on board, but being the
    cheapskate that I it included in the price? Last year when we went, we took
    the subway, but we were thinking of doing something different.

    2) Saturday night we are leaving Manhattan (some time after our 2:00 "Chicago" matinee)
    and are going to be staying at the Marriott LaGuardia. Any good suggestions for
    restaurants in that area of Queens? (Or should we stay on Manhattan for dinner?)

    Thanks, everybody. I should have asked these questions earlier in the week!

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    Re: We're going to New York City for the weekend...

    it all depends on what kind of Cuisine (food) you want to eat, there are lot's of different types of Restaurants and some need reservations in advanced.

    I went to these 2

    San Martin Restaurant
    143 East 49th Street
    New York, NY 10017
    Telephone: 212-832-0888


    45 East 20th Street
    New York, NY 10003
    Telephone: 212-353-3700
    Reservations Recommended