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friday for us, here.

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  • friday for us, here.

    well last night wasn't too bad. i kept my distance from dad.
    he has a wedding to shoot tonight, and working all day tomorrow. so that is good space.

    my daughter has worked up her nerves into a tizzy, she's throwing up, and ill.
    she's worried about the storm. even tho i told her the worse is outside damage, i didn't mention the trees and the possiblity of them falling on the house.

    i told her we may lose the pool screen, but we've replaced it before..
    shingles, it's ok, and we may get the fence messed up but dad can fix it.
    i don't think we'll flood, our house is a little higher than others. small hill. tiny hill. lol

    she's still worried. never seen her like this.
    oldest DD is wanting to shop.
    we aren't use to having so much to shop from right here at our hands. we have to drive a ways to get to it. and we sorta know our way around here..

    we have gusts of wind and a quick heavy shower of rain this morning.. yet Dh said nothing is happening there..

    he waits, nothing is open all stores are closed, at least he has decent food avail for him.
    i want to go home. i feel useless here.

    ya'll have a good day. hug your loved ones.
    I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...

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    Re: friday for us, here.

    I'm sorry...the waiting must be terrible. I have never been in that situation. Maybe shopping would calm the daughter that is so distraught. Again, prayers for your family and all the others that are and will be affected in that area.


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      Re: friday for us, here.

      Thanks for the update. I hope your dh rides this out okay. Maybe keeping your dds busy would help with the nerves.

      Prayers for you all!



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        Re: friday for us, here.


        Praying for peace and safety for your family.


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          Re: friday for us, here.

          took her shopping yesterday, didn't seem to help.
          dd1 wants to go to old navy today, maybe that'll cheer up DD2 ? ds poor thing.
          bolting all over american eagle trying to find something that he get realy quick, he is the last one who needs any clothes..

          so he finds two pair of shorts size 28...
          holds them, and we go back.
          he refuses to try them on.
          i wasn't buy them until I saw them on him.
          oh my gwad.

          i see him standing out side the door at the very end of the hall way, all the othes are open he's waaaayyy down there. i said dude come on, c'mere. mom i can't the door will lock.
          so i walk back there.
          grab the front of those shorts and they pull out 10 inches.
          he said they are sopposed to be like that.
          i grab the back right in the middle grab it make a fist and rolled it. yea man these fit.
          he said mom they are a 28 this is my size.
          i said oh no, you are a 24 or a 26 take them off.
          so he's ticked off.

          somehow i have to get him out of prep mode, and into a more normal fashion sense...
          I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...