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Dainty little sneeze?

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  • Dainty little sneeze?

    Or great big honkin' "shake the walls" sneeze?

    Scott's back in his office sneezing his head off. I've never heard anyone sneeze so loud in my life! And it's irritating the crap out of me!

    Guess I'll head over to the bar and have a drink...

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    Re: Dainty little sneeze?

    My DH sneezes so loud I still jump out of my skin after being married for 34 years. It's LOUD!


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      Re: Dainty little sneeze?

      My Dad sneezes & coughs so loud he hurts my ears. My oldest DD sounds like a mouse fart.

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        Re: Dainty little sneeze?

        Actually, my sneezes vary. If I can catch them they are about "medium" in noise, if they come on suddenly, they tend to be louder. There's a girl I work with though, that when she sneezes, she silent as if she's holding it in. I hate to see that because when I worked in the medical field, we had a woman one time who did that and the doctor said she literally collapsed her lung by trying to hold it in because sneezes actually have quite a force behind them. I thought that was interesting. So I always make sure I don't try to hold back, lol!
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