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    How many of you try new recipes, like them, and intend to make them again...but never do and seem to just forget about them? Instead you revert back to your old tried & true recipes that you've made for years?

    I'm so guilty of doing this.

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    Re: New Recipes

    I am too Allie. And it's funny because some of the recipes I just "had to have" at the time, I obtained it, set it aside and then it got shoved to the back burner somewhere. I mentioned on another thread that my DD wants me to make her a Family Cookbook and in starting this project is where I found how guilty I am of what you just mentioned. Doing this project has made me more aware of what a hoarder of recipes and cookbooks I've become and I need to stop it now because I'm sure I'll never get to make all of them in this lifetime!!!! LOL
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      Re: New Recipes

      I have over 600 pages of recipes in my "to try" file. There are tons and tons that I've added to my favorites list and I do make them again and again.