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    I am thinking about starting some soudough starter for breads ect. I have never done this, but I do remember my mom doing it. Has anyone else done this? If anyone has any tips or bad experiences, I would be interested in them.


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    Re: Sourdough Starter

    Sourdough starters are easy to make and easy to work with..if you remember to "feed" them! Having a batch on hand means delicious, fresh bread or rolls. If you Google Sourdough Starters there is an abundance of information and how-to's available. As a bonus, leftover sour dough bread or rolls make great homemade breadcrumbs!

    I hope this helped you.


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      Re: Sourdough Starter

      I have purchased these in the past at from King Arthur Flour, they have a website. They are high maintance. My results were never as good as bread that I have purchased.


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        Re: Sourdough Starter

        Stephanie, I totally agree with your comment. Sourdough is a high maintenance project. I have found that it depends on what I'll be using the sd bread for determines on where I purchase it. My local Whole Foods sd is great for a bruschetta and my Randalls is good for toast. I would love a slice now with "real" butter


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          Re: Sourdough Starter

          We always had a crock of this in the frig...

          Alaska's Treehouse
          Bed and Breakfast
          Seward, Alaska
          Specialty Recipe

          Treehouse Signature Sourdough Pancakes

          The Sourdough Starter: Our sourdough starter is over 90 years old and was handed down from an Alaskan pioneer woman to our good friends, who then shared it with us over twenty years ago. We frequently send a small amount off with guests so they can nurture their own sourdough pot and make these special pancakes... a traditional Alaskan pioneer breakfast. So the same starter now has traveled all over the States and beyond.
          Sourdough Starter:
          1 Tablespoon dry yeast
          2-1/2 cups warm water
          2 teaspoons sugar or honey
          2-1/2 cups flour
          Mix together ingredients and let ferment 5 days at room temperature, stirring daily. Then place in refrigerator. Starter should be used/replenished every seven to ten days.

          Sourdough Pancakes:
          2-1/2 cups flour
          2 cups warm water
          1 cup sourdough starter
          1/4 cup powdered skim milk
          1 egg
          2 Tablespoons sugar
          1 teaspoon salt
          1 teaspoon baking soda
          The night before, mix flour with the warm water and add starter. Stir well and cover with a damp cloth. In the morning, take out 1 cup of starter and pour back into crock with original starter. Add powdered milk and egg to remaining batter, beating well. Combine sugar, salt, and baking soda; sprinkle evenly over batter, then fold in gently. Let batter rest a few minutes. Cook on a hot, oiled griddle.
          Serves: 4

          I made bread about once a week and Larry made pancakes every weekend.


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            Re: Sourdough Starter

            thanks for everyones input, i dont know if i will do this or not, i am quite forgetful, so i might starve it.