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*sigh* hey peepsters....

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  • *sigh* hey peepsters....

    can i crawl in a hole here? this crap is freaking killing me.

    I am in baton rouge still, at dads. things between us are as if nothing ever happen. that's how he is, i don't really know where our relationship will be when i go home.
    but for now it's communicationg, but only about weather. nothing else. he is driving my kids insane.

    my husband is fine. house is ok. there's a tear in a screen panel, ** big screened in pool** nothing serious, it's a roof one, that's about 200 to replace, we'll do that. missing some siding, and we lost half a tree. no insurance claim. that is good news.
    our friends are good, neighbors are all ok.
    water wasn't bad. it didn't flood where we are, some of the area did a little further south, but land dips down there. if that makes sense. i'm right by a creek, water surges from the gulf caused the creek to rise, but it didn't over flow.

    Power is still out. i don't think it will be that long, crews are in the area and are working around the clock, parts of town is up, and some isn't. hope our little corner isn't forgotten. no major damage to the schools, so far 5 schools have power, out of 19.

    DD2 is on the text messaging and kids are telling her school will be back in on weds. lol
    however, i spoke to my supervisor and the super attendant of the scholl district isn't back in town yet, and most of the town isn't up on power yet. let alone harldy anyone is at home yet. cannot find teachers, let alone even the school board isn't back yet.

    my cousin in santa fe, has power. she's in galveston county.

    so far. i stay here. no sense in going home yet, if i don't have power.

    my husbands office, that is local, eh. part of the roof ripped off, and all offices are destroyed. he was there yesterday and today, moving computers. he doesn't know how his other facility held up, that one is further north.

    last night, someone's house burnt to the ground, we are all volunteer firefighters there, there was a call that black smoke was coming from a house, when they got there, it was a total glow. they protected the houses on each side of it. how devestating.
    lack of man power, plus a late call...

    here at dads,
    there's one tv. he does not care for tv unless it's the news, a DVD, or unless a tv show he enjoys is on, either all in the family, honey mooners, or M*A*S*H. there is no remote for the tv. so it's back to the 70's with a kid standing there turning the channel.

    he enjoys his music. loud.
    he enjoys Jazz, frank sanitra, Kay Star, and who ever else that is from the 40's. i guess it's the 40's
    my kids are at each other's throat.

    they are truly trying, but they are driving each other in sane. i am trying to keep peace between them and many times my hands are tied.

    I call my hubsband, so i can hopefully feel a hug over the phone lines, and he's going nuts as well.
    no AC, doing yard work, fighting the fire, from 11 pm to 4 am. coming home to a cold shower, but cannot cool down. he's aggervated, annoyed, and irritable, i never see him like this. never. so i listen and try to tell him that things will get better.
    turns out, he locked his keys in the truck at the fire department, he cannot find the spare key. somewhere some how it got moved, or one of the girls moved it when they drove it last. i don't know.
    DD has a spare on her key ring, besides the one that's lost, but we have it.
    he called insurance, we are covered but there isn't a wrecker service pop a lock peep in town yet. so that made him mad of course.

    this is annoying for all of us. i understand others are more ticked than we are, and that's fine. i totally understand what they are going through.

    here in baton rouge, no we didn't get anything from IKE. baton rouge was shredded from Gustav. first week of september, my friend Jo was with out power from the 1st to the 13th of september... dad was out until the 9th.
    huge trees are down, many on houses, fences are down.
    we had small gusts of wind, but that was it. just a nice breeze.

    last i heard, and i still have to check still, but last i hears interstate 10 had spots that were still under water, and were un passable, somewhere between here and houston, my guess is somewhere near orange texas and beaumont.
    i'll have to check and see if the roads are clear...

    i want to go home.
    i want to be in my house, and with my husband.
    i miss my crazy dogs.
    thanks for listening..
    difficult to get online here, will pop in when i can.
    I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...

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    Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

    oh yea.
    and i broke half a tooth today.
    a back lower moler. great....
    I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...


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      Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

      OMG Stella, I don't know what to say, I am glad you and your family are OK, your house is OK, that's what matters. I am sure it's hard for you to stay with your Dad and I can imagine your kids are being bored to tears. Hang in girl, hopefully you can go home soon. But like you say as long as there is no power, it doesn't make any sense to go home, you are better off where you are. We have been wondering what was going on with you, I am so glad you posted, you had us worried. ((( Stella )))


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        Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

        ((((((HUGS)))))) I pray things look up soon!!


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          Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

          Very glad to hear that you and yours are physically well even if stressed. This too shall pass. I'm sure you've bitten your tongue a thousand times by now.


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            Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

            {{{{{STELLA}}}}}} So sorry to hear about you difficulties. Sabine said it are all alive, healthy, maybe not happy, but it could always be worse. Pray for a short amount of time, just around the corner, you will all be reunited in your happy little home, dogs, kids, hubby, etc. You can do it Stella, you have great will survive this!!!! Know we all here @ CK are with you and all the others touched by this devastating disaster!!!
            The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

            Faith is believing in advance what already makes sense in retrospect. O:-)

            'Do not ask the Lord to Guide your Footsteps if you are not willing to move your Feet'


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              Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

              Stella - Stay at your Dad's til you get the "all clear" and school is back in session. Don't chance anything. I know you want to go home...who wouldn't. Please take good care. Is there a dentist you can go to there to get that tooth fixed?
              "Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle"


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                Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

                Sorry for all of the troubles Stella....hopefully things will begin to pick up for you. Just glad everything is ok


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                  Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

                  Glad to hear that everyone in your family is alright. Hope you get to go home very soon.
                  Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


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                    Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

                    So happy just to know you & your family are OK. We all were wondering, maybe they will hurry up & get the power back on so you can get home soon. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope you let us know that you are on your way back home. So glad you wrote us.


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                      Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

                      You are so fortunate that you have so little damage. I'm glad you are all safe. (((((Stella))))) - you will survive.


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                        Re: *sigh* hey peepsters....

                        (((Stella))) hope you are home soon!
                        A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands