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    The new arrest could lead to another circus outside the Anthony house. The last time Casey got out of jail dozens of protesters lined her street, much to the dismay of her neighbors, who are trying to get an injunction to stop all the protesters.

    If anything proves the need for some sort of action, it would be the Orange County Sheriff's Office call log. Deputies have been called to the Anthony home 42 times since July 15. Thirty-eight of those have been related to some disturbance caused by protesters, including another melee over the weekend.

    The Chickasaw Oaks Phase 3 homeowners' association filed an injunction Friday to try to keep protesters away from the front of the Anthony's house. Homeowners in the east Orange County subdivision could find out later this week if people will no longer be allowed to go to their neighborhood and protest in front of the house on Hopespring Drive.

    Ninth Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Z. MacKinnon hasn't made her decision. A court spokesperson said Monday that MacKinnon, a 14-year veteran of the bench in Orange County, would take up the case, but refused to give a timeline on when to expect a decision.

    "Rot in hell, rot in hell," protesters chanted Sunday night after supporters prayed for the family during a candle light vigil.

    "Just need to do something. We pay taxes, we live here. Everyone needs to quiet down," said neighbor Jayne Cavanaugh.

    The night before was even worse. Two women, each with a child, shouted at Cindy Anthony. Most of the abusive language was about her daughter Casey, but she lost it when they mentioned little Caylee.

    "What are you gonna do you f****** b****?!" the woman screamed at Cindy Anthony. "Go find your f****** kid!"

    The Anthonys called police and the women and their children left, but not before a few final words.

    "That's right, she's a f****** baby killer protector," the woman screamed.

    "I hope you die!" her child yelled.

    Protesters have been parking illegally in front of fire hydrants and even blocking some drive ways on Hopespring Drive, not to mention the inevitable trespassing on the yards surrounding the house. The Anthonys used body guards during a gathering here over the weekend and Orange County deputies were brought in for crowd control during the vigil.

    Neighbors hope that a judge's ruling will kick the protesters out and give them back the neighborhood they remember before Caylee went missing two months ago. Around 125 people are expected to attend an HOA meeting Tuesday to discuss the protesters and what other things the neighborhood can do to deal with them.


    The Department of Children and Families said Monday that video of the aforementioned child protesting and screaming, along with his mother, outside the Anthony house Saturday night, has prompted an investigation (Images | Raw Video).

    DCF said they were alerted to the video by viewers who contacted their Florida Abuse Hotline. The video shows the boy possibly get injured during the altercation. The boy's arm appears to be slammed in the car door when the female driver is being restrained by a passenger.

    DCF said they used the vehicle's license plate number to contact the family and "is taking all appropriate investigative steps to assess the child’s injuries and the circumstances surrounding the situation."

    DCF told Eyewitness News they believe the child is doing okay.


    Casey Anthony is reportedly causing a stir inside the Orlando Police Department. An inside source told Eyewitness News at least two officers have stepped forward claiming to have had sexual relationships with her.

    In august, Anthony Rusciano was fired from his position as an Orange County deputy for lying about his relationship with Casey.

    A police spokesperson refused to comment on any aspect of the Caylee Anthony case.


    Late Friday morning, the Orange County Sheriff's Office released two recordings of investigators questioning Casey Anthony on July 16 (Investigators Grill Casey #1 | Interview #2), just after her daughter Caylee was officially reported missing. In them, detectives called Casey a cold-blooded, callous monster.

    "Everything else you've told us is a lie. Remember when we had those two people we were talking about? The person who had an accident or made an accident or made a bad decision and a person who's just a cold-blooded, callous monster. That's telling me you're this second person, this cold-blooded, callous monster who doesn't care and doesn't want to help because she's afraid that something so heinous happened that everyone is going to look at her and say, 'She's a monster. She deserves to go away. She deserves to never see the light of day. Bad things should happen to her.' I don't want to believe that right now, but you're giving me no choice," the investigator told Casey. "Tell us what happened to Caylee."

    "I dropped off Caylee and that was the last time that I've seen her. I dropped her off at that apartment," Casey replied.

    "No you didn't," the investigator said.

    Detectives tried to reason and even beg with Casey that they needed information about Caylee, but instead, detectives say, Casey told them one lie after another.

    When Orange County detectives interviewed Casey Anthony about her missing daughter Caylee, they were astounded by the web of lies she spun.

    "Well, let me ask you, let me ask how, by lying to us and sending us all these goose, these wild goose chases?" the detective questioned.

    Casey told detectives she gave her daughter to a babysitter and then took them to an apartment where she says she dropped off Caylee. However, the apartment had been vacant since February and the babysitter, Zenaida Gonzales, says she never met Casey. Then she took detectives to Universal Studios in hopes of finding more clues. She told them she was an event planner, but she was actually fired two years ago.

    "Just accidentally told us you had an office here and we needed to be here cause we might find something that would help? Or did you lie purposely or did you purposely mislead us? Which of those two is it?" the detective asked.

    "I purposely misled you," she said.

    "Do you think, do you think, do you believe thinking up more lies to tell us will help us?" the detective asked Casey.

    "No," she said.

    Detectives tried to reason with Casey and explain to her that by giving them the run around it was only going to hurt her, as well as Caylee.

    "If you make a false report or if there's something you're not telling us the truth about, and I want to make it perfectly clear if you wanna go ahead and rescind this statement and if you want to tell me a different story about what happened. Basically, if you're trying to fabricate a story to kind of make something look a little better, now is the time to tell me. Are you telling me this is the story you want to stick with?" the investigator is heard questioning Casey.

    "It's the truth. That's the story I'm going to stick with, yes," Casey said.

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    Re: More Casey Anthony news.....

    Could not imagine living on the same street having to deal with this.......

    The protests have gotten out of hand - especially when children are involved and getting hurt....