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  • Nickels......

    Fatal Tractor-Trailer Collision Closes Southbound Stretch Of Interstate

    POSTED: 10:43 am EDT September 17, 2008

    MIMS, Fla. -- The southbound lanes of Interstate 95 in Brevard County were shut down Wednesday morning after two tractor-trailers crashed, killing one person and spilling the contents of one of the rigs -- $187,000 in nickels.

    Millions Of Nickels Scatter Over Highway

    The Florida Highway Patrol said one truck rear-ended another at about 5:30 a.m., causing the first truck to run off the road and the second to overturn, spilling its contents -- about 3 million nickels -- onto the highway.

    The truck carrying the coins was headed from Philadelphia to the U.S. Treasury in Miami.

    A passenger in the first truck died at the scene. The drivers of both rigs were taken to area hospitals.

    Officials said that section of the interstate would be closed until all the nickels were collected.

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    Re: Nickels......

    I could not imagine having to pick these up....well I could if they were mine.