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  • Eat Right for Your Blood Type

    Has anyone read the book Eat Right for Your Blood Type and applied the theory to what you eat? Has anyone seen any results from this?
    I have read the book and am starting to follow this and see if I feel any better, if I lose weight etc etc. I'm not really overweight or need a diet, but if it helps you feel better than why not try it, right?
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    Re: Eat Right for Your Blood Type

    Hi........I am attaching a link that you can go to and read the review on this diet. I have never tried it myself, but definitely have heard of it. Also don't know of anyone else who's been on it either.

    Any time I want to know anything about a book I am considering, I usually go to a place like Amazon, Epinion or Cheapest Books and read the reviews from people who have bought the books and/or then have tried the diet. Hope this helps!
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      Re: Eat Right for Your Blood Type

      i know that when i lived someplace else, and worked someplace else, this was a huge ordeal then more than 8 years ago, but people in the office were all over this.

      out of 5 of them that stuck to it, 2 saw results, but they didn't last long.
      it was determined to be one of those fly by gimmicks. their story not mine. i didn't participate it in at all.
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