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NORTHPOLE--------Recipes Galore!!!

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  • NORTHPOLE--------Recipes Galore!!!

    I hope this isn't "old news", but just received this from another friend about Cakes-----and realized it is same one I received from someone else about Fudge/Candy. On the same website:

    On the left, Click on HOLIDAY RECIPES - and a variety of things/categories come up for you to choose from (i.e. Cakes, Pies, Fudge/Candy, etc., then a long listing of recipes pops up under that category and you choose whatever you want. Just clilck on it and there's your recipe! Amazing.

    There are also all types of games and other things to do on that website too. Pretty cool.

    If this is in fact "old news" - then forgive the repetition.

    I thought it was really cool!

    If you haven't seen it - check it out!


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    Re: NORTHPOLE--------Recipes Galore!!!

    I think this is the same one I posted last week or so. I remember seeing the e-mail last year for cookies but had never seen the one for cakes. Pretty cool to be able to pull up the recipe right there.


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      Re: NORTHPOLE--------Recipes Galore!!!


      It is a very cool website!
      Amazing what you can pull up on the Internet!


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        Re: NORTHPOLE--------Recipes Galore!!!

        It Went Around Here Last Year Also. But It's Always Good As A Reminder, And To Check For New Recipes.


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          Re: NORTHPOLE--------Recipes Galore!!!

          I am WAYYYYY behind!
          I haven't posted in a long time!

          Guess I've missed a lot!

          I have got to learn to keep up!