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  • Annoying Co-worker.........

    Anyone suffer from an annoying co-worker that just doesn't "get it".........she is a dingbat, clueless - and not in a sweet way in an annoying way.......acts like her head is in the clouds........doesn't pay attention to anything going on around her.........tells stupid stories that are BORING and others that she thinks are funny - and they're NOT - and then of course those stories are followed by the most aggravating, annoying stupid giggling and laugh that makes ones skin crawl...........not to mention we are all constantly having to do more to compensate because she can't multi-task..............oh why is she still here? Because the boss feels sorry for her............and she knows it and plays on that!

    Does anyone else go through this??????????

    Basically she is a nice person - but she just drives us crazy!

    I have a friend who has one that is worse than this one!

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    Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

    There's Probably One Everywhere.

    I'm The Annoying Co-worker That Pesters People. I Have Fun Doing It!

    I Always Move Stuff Off One Of The Receptionists Desk To A Shelf Away From Here. Yesterday I Moved A Little Pumpkin Off Her Desk, Put It On The Dr's Desk Across From Her. She Never Got Up To Get It, The Dr Thought It Was Cute And Took It Home With Her!!! (female Dr) We Laughed About It, But I Went And Bought Her 3 Different Pumpkins And A "pin Cushion" Plant That Has Little Orange Balls All Over It, About The Size If Straight Pins With The Plastic Ends. Told Her It Was Her Own Pumpkin Patch! Lol


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      Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

      No - not that kind of annoying.
      I am also that way - teasing people, having fun with them........

      This girl walks in the door and her footsteps already bug another girl in my office - just the SOUND of her walking - or should I stay "stomping" because she has never learned to walk in heels.

      She whimpers when she speaks, we tell her to speak up, we can't hear her - callers do same - and then she practically there's no in between..........

      She stares at you. Constantly. She just stares. I have actually told her to stop staring at me!

      She comes into a room, others are conversing, just socializing, not about anything in particular, she just stands there. Just stares. Doesn't join in, doesn't say a freaking word, just stands there and stares at us.


      I could go on and on and on..............


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        Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

        Oh yeah, I also pinch the other girls on the arses!! But...(no pun inteded) they like it and pinch me back! If we get someone new, I make sure they realize I am not.....uh......I can't say that word here huh?..... uh..... Happy!! yeah that's it! I'm not happy! lol I don't pinch them until I know them better! Some you know you just can't do that to!!! lol


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          Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

          I am also the annoying co-worker. But with your description, you aren't talking about me :-)


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            Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

            Most of us get along great, we relate well, have good and sometimes lively conversations.....not this one. She has the personality of a rock.

            And she annoys us every, single, freaking day.

            Ok.........I'll get off my soap box now.
            Thanks for listening.


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              Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

              EMQ, sorry it took me so long, I was searching for this thread I started on another board in JUNE!! She's still here, and she NEVER SHUTS UP!!!
              Already, just today, she told some customers that they were second on the delivery calendar for today, so the customers were standing by since about 10:30. It is now 1:00 on the dot and the delivery crew is just now getting there. I had to explain to this person (for the zillionth time), who has worked for our company almost a year, that we never tell the customer anything more specific than the 10-1 delivery window and the guys will call 30 minutes in advance. AARRGGGHHH!

              Here's the op:
              I work with someone who really gets on my nerves.
              Just she and I are at the front desk for now, but she has to have 2 days off in a row, which sticks me with Mondays all by myself. (I have come to really enjoy Mondays!)

              My eyes cannot roll any farther back in my head, I have to walk away from the front desk several times a day just to stop listening to the blah, blah, blah.

              I was not involved in hiring this person, as she was hired for our newest store, then sent back to my store (3 MONTHS later, untrained) - I was shocked at basics she didn't know!! The "new store" manager even admitted she was not trained, talked too much, laughed too long.
              I'm ready for my *hissyfit* now, thank you very much!!
              I don't even want to say anything remotely amusing, because she thinks the tiniest thing is hilarious, and cackles until you think she's done, then cackles some more!!

              Also, if she doesn't know something, she doesn't ask, she just does what she thinks is right, and I spend a lot of time fixing her errors!
              Thanks for being my friends and listening - whew!!
              I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad, I take something for it.


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                Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

                OH YEA!!!!!!!
                About the fixing her errors...............OMG!!!!!!!!!!
                I could go on & on about that...............that is a constant and our work load is increaased because of her mistakes AND that she cannot multi-task and we can!!!!!!


                So hard to believe people like this stay around!!!!!!!

                Crabby - yours might just be worse than mine! Ha! At least this one does shut up - even if it takes walking away from her or turning your back on her and pretending to make a phone call.
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                  Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

                  Oh, no, EMQ, she even narrates every moment, ringing up a sale, and drags out little things on the phone. She can turn "Just a moment" into a 30 second torturous ordeal for me lol!!! - oh geez, she's cackling again... I'm going to lunch - ttyl
                  I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad, I take something for it.


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                    Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

                    For some reason I am picturing "Mrs-a Wiggins and Mr-a Tuddd-a-ball" - Carol Burnett & Tim Conway.............!!!!!!!!!!!

                    HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your co-worker would drive me nuts for sure!

                    Amazing - this one can turn a 30 second ordeal into something long & drawn out......and can NEVER get to a point! We just help her get to the point so the boring story will end!!!!!!!!!!


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                      Re: Annoying Co-worker.........

                      Oh, gawd, she won't shut up!! Somebody make it stop!!! AARRGGHHHH!
                      I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad, I take something for it.