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Whats your week in food?

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  • Whats your week in food?

    My menu is like this:

    Pork tenderloin with mashed potatos and creamed spinach
    Baked potaot soup (using left over mashed pots)
    Chicken ala king (IF I can find the recipe, that is)
    Pasta bar (with tomato sauce, pesto, alfredo, diced left over pork, sauteed shrooms, etc)
    Chicken pesto pizza (with left over chicken, pesto, etc)

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    Re: Whats your week in food?

    is NO ONE cooking this week?
    Come on peeps...I need me some ideas for NEXT week!!!


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      Re: Whats your week in food?

      Sounds good, but I just don't plan ahead for more then 2 / 3 days. We eat out too often to do much planning.


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        Re: Whats your week in food?

        Tonight I am grilling hamburgers on the grill, since it is in the 80's here. Probably grill something tomorrow too, Wednesday it is supposed to cool down, so I am thinking some soup, maybe chicken fiesta soup, then maybe a meat loaf later in the week.


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          Re: Whats your week in food?

          Haven't planned that far ahead just yet.

          Having chicken tonight.
          Hamburgers later in the week - bc were supposed to last week, never did.

          Just not in the mood for planning any of it right now.........we'll see.......

          Last night had breakfast for dinner bc we didn't know what we wanted..........

          Used to plan meals a lot.......not so much anymore........just a little here & there.......

          Sounds like you've got it together!


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            Re: Whats your week in food?

            Not Sure But Sometime This Week We Will Be Having:

            Pork Roast And Sauerkraut
            Polish Sausage And Left Over Kraut

            That Is Far As I Have Gotten For The Week.

            I Would Bet A Seafood Night. I Like One Of Those A Week.


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              Re: Whats your week in food?

              salmon with couscous
              spaghetti carbonara
              stromboli (tonight)

              that's all I've got folks!
              A man of words and not of deeds, is like a garden full of weeds.


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                Re: Whats your week in food?

                Well, I'm making taco meat tonight, so I'm thinkin' taco salad will make a few appearances at our table. Can't think beyond that!
                "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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                  Re: Whats your week in food?

                  When school starts, and fall is settling in, I have FEEL the NEED to KNEAD!!! LOL
                  I (for some odd reason), always shift into hyper-drive when fall starts. I plan menus, weekend get togethers, you name it.

                  I get all jazzed with the apples and pumpkin, sweet potaotes and squash...I guess I just like this time of year


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                    Re: Whats your week in food?

                    I Only Cook On The Weekends. No Kids At Home, Dh Hates To Eat, So We Just Snack Or Eat Leftovers During The Week. I Have Roast/taters In The Fridge Now. But That's It Right Now.
                    "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt


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                      Re: Whats your week in food?

                      basically ran out of groceries. Someone found money to buy us a turkey, so I guess we will be eating that for the next week if it ever thaws.


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                        Re: Whats your week in food?

                        I don't plan a whole week of dinner

                        Tonight we are having a big pan of moo's chicken and rice (which will be left overs for a few nights this week)

                        We have a large pot of lasagna soup in the fridge which was dinner yesterday and will be a few nights of left overs

                        I make sandwiches every day that we both take to work. And we add salads to the meals.

                        I try to make the evening meal light since we both go to sleep early and get up early.

                        And since it is just the two of us, many nights I pick up some take home (chinese, hawaiian bbq, pizza, subway $5 footlongs, taco salads/tacos from the Taco Shop)

                        We can eat out for almost cheaper than I can cook.