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Homecoming dance is coming up....

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  • Homecoming dance is coming up....

    the cutest kid in school asked DD to go with her.
    he's been the big catch with all the girls since we've lived here.

    well, DD has been at band practice since august 4th. every afternoon. day in day out.
    marching in the parking lot.
    she's really tan.

    she's picked out her strapless dress. black satin.

    tonight at dinner, she's realized, and i didn't think about it.
    but she's got a t shirt tan, and stark white feet.
    neck is tan collar bones are pale white. upper arms are pale white.

    will a tanning bed help?
    will the tanned part get darker?

    she's freaking out. the freak out is not new for her. but she's freaking out....
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    Re: Homecoming dance is coming up....

    Stella my grandaughters use a tanning "spray" from what I understand the tanning salons do it. have no idea what it costs or how, but they always get tanned just before proms/pagents etc. They look very might calla few in your area and see.
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      Re: Homecoming dance is coming up....

      I would take her to a salon to get spray tanned. It lasts for about 10 days. Take her a couple of days before the dance. Here it costs $17 and takes about 5 minutes.