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talking about meatballs........

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  • talking about meatballs........

    Does anyone have a good recipe for mini meatballs? I have a recipe but there's hardly any spice in them and they just taste like ground beef. I'd like something more flavorful. What do you add to your meatballs?

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    Re: talking about meatballs........

    Definetly check out Doreen's meatballs listed at Allrecipes:

    Bon Appetit!!


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      Re: talking about meatballs........

      salt, pepper, garlic, minced onions

      thats all and a little bread crumbs to hold it all together.



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        Re: talking about meatballs........

        If I'm using plain hamburger, I season it with a good steak seasoning that we like, such as Weber's or McCormick's, and nothing else. I use pepper and garlic powder if I use a half burger/half sausage mix.


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          Re: talking about meatballs........

          I also need a good meatball recipe. I had one and lost it. I found the sauce recipe but not the meatballs. I love to make and double the recipe and freeze half of it. I am going right now to check out Doreen's !!


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            Re: talking about meatballs........

            I usually make my Italian meatballs like this:

            1lb ground chuck
            1 tbs parmesan cheese
            1 beaten egg
            1 tbs minced onion
            1 tsp garlic powder
            1 tsp parsley
            1/4 - 1/3 cup tomato sauce
            1/2 cup or so of bread crumbs
            salt and pepper

            I don't really measure, so amounts are approximate. I spray a 9X13 pan with Pam, then swirl some tomato sauce on the bottom of the pan, and cook for about 40 minutes or so on 350.
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              Re: talking about meatballs........


              1 lb. hamburger
              lb. ground pork
              3 eggs
              tsp. pepper
              2 cups parmesan cheese, shredded (original recipe called for GRATED parmesan, but I found it WAY too salty for my taste. Now I use fresh shredded)
              cup chopped parsley

              Mix all ingredients. Scoop into balls. Bake unitl done. I don't know an exact time, sorry. I usually bake them for a little while and then finish them in the sauce anyway.


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                Re: talking about meatballs........

                the recipe i listed is for small meatballs, such as used in wedding soup. My regular meatballs get more involved.



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                  Re: talking about meatballs........

                  dragun, do you add some egg as well to help stick it all together? thanks everyone!


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                    Re: talking about meatballs........

                    Every time I see one of these meatball posts - it makes me start craving them!
                    Sure wish I had a crock pot full of them waiting on me!

                    Oh! Great idea for Halloween night!
                    Having a housefull of boys spend the night with DS and my DD's are coming over also - so that will be a fun appetizer!

                    I could call them Eyeballs in Blood Sauce or something! HA!

                    Going to have several things! This will be a fun one for sure!