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  • I'm Back!!

    Hi all -
    had to re-register here so from now on I am simply Joanne instead of JO39.

    Hubby and I returned Friday 11:30 am from our rush trip to Florida to dispose of my parents property and belongs. Successful trip, long, hot, and very tiring. Got everything done, even sooner than we expected. Sold their place in 20 minutes! YIPPEE! Big relief!! Had yard sale 1 day instead of 2, packed U-Haul trailer Wednesday morning, and after a quick shower, packed our clothes and checked out of villa we hit the road for Michigan at 1:30 pm. Drove to Byron Ga that evening, hit Cincinnati rush hour traffic at 5 pm Thursday, all lanes, bumper to bumper, 1/3 way thru, it started to rain - IT POURED! We finally got off at Middletown for something to eat and by then rain had eased up to steady drizzle. Drove to Tipp City OH that night, and Friday morning drove last 4 hours home. Checked on mail and turned on Ac at our house, drove to my parents, unloaded U-Haul trailer, back to our town, dropped off trailer and finally home for the evening. EXHAUSTED!!

    So glad it is over! As I said, it was successful. Parents were pleased and relieved to have it finished. So were we!!

    I was only gone a week and the CK site changed! Had a very hard time trying to get in, old login and PW didn't work. Thanks to Doreen for the update. Doesn't sound like things were handled too well, not Stephanies fault. Things just happen.

    Gotta run, time for dinner.


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    Welcome back Joanne.....whew, I'm tired for ya!


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      WOW, I'm out of breath just reading all what you did.. Glad you found us and welcome back!


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        Welcome back, I can only imagine how tired you and your husband must be.
        You sold their place in 20 minutes, wow. That's great. My daughter sold her house last year in 2 days and I thought that was wonderful. I have never, ever sold a house that fast.


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          You must be so relieved that its all behind you now! Glad you got everything done and are back home now. Hope your parents are doing better?


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            Welcome Joanne


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              Glad that went so smooth! bet you are exhausted ...you and hubby deserve more than a break!! take care and ....relax


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                welcome home! glad things worked out sooo well. chop

                i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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                  Thanks everyone, good to be back. so glad Doreen emailed me with new CK addy.

                  Things are beginning to get back to normal at our house. We are busy trying to get caught up, yard work, laundry, groceries and of course Jim's business. We are leaving in an hour for an inspeciton, has to be done today.

                  Thanks again


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                    Welcom home Joanne! Really happy that things went smoothly and you arrived home safe and sound. Get some rest - you covered more in a weekk than some people do in a 2 months!!


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                      Welcome back (home)