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  • Angel Food Ministries

    Has anyone participated in this?

    Hope that works! If not just type in angel food ministries and check on what's happening in your community.

    We tried it a few months ago and once again this month. They said that September was the record real surprise there, everyone is hurting.

    $30 and you get the regular package, and you can add additional items after that. You don't have to be poor and needy, anyone can use it.

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    Re: Angel Food Ministries

    We have it here also. Another lady and I from work would order the regular box for another lady at work - single mom with 2 kids. I have since told people in my community about it because they are on a fixed income and some of them have tried it. You order the regular box and you then you can order the speicals. We are not required to do volunteer work, we pay for the box of food.


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      Re: Angel Food Ministries

      We have it here also. ANYONE can participate. There is no income check, no volunteer work required, and no limits on how many you can order. It was $25 here last time I checked, but it may have gone up since then. It is SUCH a WONDERFUL program. The food is good, it is not expired, - there is nothing at all wrong with it. I wish all of our Elderly, single moms and just struggling families knew about this.. You are eligible whether you make $0 a year or $1 million dollars a year.
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        Re: Angel Food Ministries

        I have a couple of friends who use this. They love it. It really helps them out. No volunteer work required either.
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          Re: Angel Food Ministries

          i did this when we lived in virginia.
          we have it here, and i tried to get on it a few months back but i missed the deadline for ordering forgot to look into it again

          when i did it in virginia
          i found that the foods that came in were weird labels. name brands i hadn't heard of.
          and i didn't really know what i was getting i just paid the money and that was that wait and see what i got.
          it was worth it, and i did get a lot of food out of it.
          but for the money now, i would rather be the one picking what i am spending my money on.

          it's perfect for alot of families, but i don't think it works for us now.
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            Re: Angel Food Ministries

            Wow, this looks great! I think it would really help us out! Thank you for this post...I'm going to look into it!


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              Re: Angel Food Ministries

              We just picked up our 2nd order yesterday. No volunteer work, & it's good food.


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                Re: Angel Food Ministries

                so what was in your sack?? what all did you get?
                I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...


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                  Re: Angel Food Ministries

                  I can tell you what we got

                  Regular box
                  1lb pasta spaghetti
                  whole roasting chicken
                  1bag frozen carrots
                  1bag frozen mixed veggies
                  1 container 2percent milk from a powder
                  Oatmeal cookies
                  1 large jug hawaiian punch
                  1dozen eggs
                  chicken fajita strips
                  can tomato sauce
                  pack of hotdogs

                  I also got the fruit and veggie box for $18.00
                  1 whole pineapple
                  5lb onion
                  5lb potatoes white
                  1lb red potatoes
                  3lb red delicious apples
                  bag of lemons
                  head of lettuce
                  head of cabbage
                  I think I am forgetting something here too

                  The angel food site shows where the food comes from. I do know that our local spaghetti sauce manufacturer makes sauce for other grocery stores and puts that brands label on it. So, alot of the food may have strange labels, but I am convinced they use reputable suppliers. Plus, in these times I don't truly think you can keep on a tight budget if you only stay brand specific. I know that this saves me a good 2 or 3 hundred dollars on my grocery bill. That is why I wanted to get into large cooking program. I can use so much of this in soups and meals that really go a long way.

                  i hope all of this helps. I know this program is a really good thing for my family.
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                    Re: Angel Food Ministries

                    Hey Kat it is a great deal. We order it for the kids then one month decided to get one for ourselves and it was well worth it. It is supposed to be enough for meals for a family of four for one week or a single elderly person for a month from what I understand. Yes, it was weird brands we'd never heard of but the kids kept saying how they loved all of it, then they started buying the specials when we would ask if they wanted another order of food. All brands are from the US which Ronnie checked on after all the scares from China.

                    Oh Kat, I have another grandson, Noah Riley, born Sept. 10.


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                      Re: Angel Food Ministries

                      Sounds like a Godsend for folks on a tight budget!
                      Thanks for posting this and for all the comments as well. I know several that will benefit by this.
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                        Re: Angel Food Ministries

                        The website shows the menu for the month so you know what you're getting.

                        And I was concerned the first month about the quality, but everything has been A-OK!


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                          Re: Angel Food Ministries

                          I have heard of this. We used to do another one that did require community service, but quit as their packages included a LOT of prepackaged foods which were high in fat and not so tasty.

                          This one sounds a lot better. I will check into it in our town.
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