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A Teenage Moment

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  • A Teenage Moment

    OMG......DS#4 (15 yrs old) came to me yesterday afternoon to talk about one of his best friends. She had sex for the 1st time and thought she might be pregnant. She's been in a total panic. It doesn't sound like she is to me, but I hope it scared the begeezers out of her enough that she stops this behavior.

    I'm grateful that DS was confident enough to come talk with me about it. Believe it or not, he already has one friend that has a child at 15.

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    Re: A Teenage Moment

    I hope it scares her too.
    Have you made time to listen to the birds today........


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      Re: A Teenage Moment

      I'm sure it's really tough... at the FIRST "moment" to become so clinical and say, "we can't do this w/o a condom..." but here's hoping this very young girls gets that clinical saying in her head!!!

      You are lucky, Cookin' that DS felt comfortable talking to you about it!!
      "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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        Re: A Teenage Moment

        Can you also believe that DS#3 (19 yrs. old) has 3 friends that have babies already and his best friend is pregnant right now?

        I'm grateful for many things.........none of the babies have been produced by my kids. (I think we taught them way better)

        They all will come to me for advice for their friends. When their friends won't go to their own parents.

        None (that I know of anyway) have had an abortion. I have counseled several of DS#1's friends on this subject.

        You know the saying about sons'........when you have a daughter you have to worry about lots of penises, when you have a son you only have to worry about one..........fortunately I have 4 and seems like they staying zipped up.


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          Re: A Teenage Moment

          my dd's ex best pregnant when she was 15yrs of age..had an abortion..a year later she had a miscarriage shortly after she got pregnant again..this time she kept the baby...thier friendship had broken up..

          infact quite a few girls at her highschool ended up neighbor used to be a councelor at the school and the girls would come to her about thier pregnancy..they all had poor relationships with thier parents or they had absentee fathers..this was a year dd has since graduated..i have a 15yr old ds who goes to the school and he doesn't say anything to me..


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            Re: A Teenage Moment

            That is just plain sad.
            With all of the education out there available for birth control and that girl went through an abortion, then a miscarriage and then finally had a baby - but still a teenager then????

            That is awful.

            CookinKat - yes you're very lucky your sons talk to you. My DD's always have and so did their friends also when they wouldn't talke to their parents.
            I hope my DS will talk to us too.

            They all start at such a much younger age nowadays too.


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              Re: A Teenage Moment

              It's such a shame they don't have enough sense to use birth control when it's so readily available to them. They just don't understand how a baby can absolutely change your entire life, and usually not for the better when they're than young. So sad.
              Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.