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Things that drive you absolutely crazy

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  • Things that drive you absolutely crazy

    and you have no idea why?

    I'm the only car on the block when I come in in the morning. I just pull right up, park and get out.
    The girl in the office next door comes in about an hour after me. The whole block is empty, except for my car. She pulls way, way up. Backs up. Pulls forward again. Backs up. She does this three our four times before she's satisfied with her "parallel" parking..(UM, you are the only one on the street...) and then she backs up *right* up to the front bumper of my car! It drives me mad!

    Then, there's a silver SUV that goes and honks outside my window EVERY morning. The windows are tinted and I couldn't figure out who I knew with a silver SUV. I'm the only one here, they must be honking at me, right?

    This afternoon at lunch time, the SUV pulls up and honks and the (same) girl next door runs out and gets into it. She's not even in the office in the morning when they are honking at her!

    OK - those are my pet peeves of the day.


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    Re: Things that drive you absolutely crazy

    For the one parking so close - you need one of those funny notes that says "thank you for parking so d$*$( close to my vehicle!! Be kind next time and leave something behind so I can pry them apart!!" "Otherwise - how about giving me a foot or so to walk between us!!"
    Something like that....I used to have a comical written saying but don't know where it is now............

    yes, that would bug me too....

    I actually have a few things that bug me...posted on here under pet peeves not long ago....but another that I didn't include then was a co-worker that comes in, drops off her things in her office, then does a walk-around speaking to everyone in that mousy, squeaky voice - looks like she just crawled out of bed - and if she has something she wants to talk about she will stop and stare and wait to be acknowledged......and won't go away...we all want to say yes, we know you're here, whatever..........maybe I did already put that in my pet peeves.....ha!


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      Re: Things that drive you absolutely crazy

      Mine Here At Work Is The "adults" I Work With That Won't Clean Up After Themselves, Makes Me More Than Peeved!!! I'm Not Their Momma!! I Shouldn't Have To Pick Up After Them! They Won't Wash Their Coffee Cups, When They Use The "procedure Room" For A Minor Surgery Or Whatever, They Leave All Their Stuff Scattered All Over, And I Have To Clean It Up Because I Do The Ordering And I Have To Go Thru And See What We Need.
      "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt