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Freaky Friday!!

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  • Freaky Friday!!

    Happy Halloween, And Tgif!!!

    Ssdd Here, Suppose To Be Nice Warm Weekend.
    No Special Plans, Not That I Ever Have Any Special Plans.
    Anyone Else Doing Anything Fun? Or Even Not Fun?

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    Re: Freaky Friday!!

    Happy Freaky Friday BOOOO
    It is gorgeous here and actually on the warm side, very nice. It is colder inside my house than it outside LOL Don't know what I'm up to today, perhaps back to cleaning my bedroom ~sigh~ I'm dreading ironing my sheer valances,,miles & miles of fabric. I'll most likely get out for a walk later and enjoy the weather
    Have a wonderful day everyone
    A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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      Re: Freaky Friday!!

      Dil Saw Ob Dr Yest Pm. Still Only Dialated To A 3, (she Told Me 4 Last Week!) Said If She Wants To Be Induced Next Week Just Let Him Know When. They've Decided To Do It Thurs, So If No Baby Between Now And Then, I Won't Be Here Thurs. I'll Be Having (not Personally) A Baby!!


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        Re: Freaky Friday!!

        It's 47 here this morning. A heat wave. First time in two weeks I haven't had to scrape ice off the car windows.
        Work today. Pay bills. Hide out from the kiddos tonight.
        Need to clean out the frig and bleach down kitchen cabinets this weekend
        It's Me or the Dog on Animal Planet is doing a segment on a family with 5 pugs tomorrow night. I'm so excited. I've had it on my calendar for weeks. (I have no life! LOL) Am curious to see how Victoria proposes that you keep a pug off the furniture!


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          Re: Freaky Friday!!

          I'm off to a hotel near the Springfield, MO, airport late this afternoon... my flight to PA is at 6 am and if I was going to be at the airport 2 hours early, I'd have to leave here at 2 am!! Plus, parking for a week is cheaper at the hotel than at the airport!

          Flying to PA in the morning... picking up middle kid and heading up to young friend (for whom Babe and I play grandparents to her kids) for a mexican feast. I'll stay w/ young friend cause I'm going INTO my office for a few days (and JUST found out I can write the whole trip off on my taxes!!)

          On Sunday I'm making my fave casserole to take to a friend's where other "heifers" will come and play!! Can't wait to see them all!!
          "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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            Re: Freaky Friday!!

            TGIF, yes, I have plans for a change. The weather is great, cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. I am looking out my window and I notice that our trees are turning colors, I love this time of year.
            We are meeting our friends for drinks tonight at on of our clubs that we belong to. It's located on the top floor of a highrise building, you can overlook the city, great view.
            Tomorrow we are having the anual Veterans Day parade here in our little part of SA, in combination with the Air Base, so we will be attending that, festivities at the local VFW after that. And it looks like we are having good weather the whole weekend.