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Hot pockets for lunch again

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  • Hot pockets for lunch again

    yesterday i had a pizza one, today i will have chicken and broccoli.

    i mostly use grands biscuits, roll them out on the counter or a cutting board, that is dusted with seasoned bread crumbs. roll out fill fold over and seal with a fork. bake at 350 until they just turn golden take out cool place on a cake cooking rack place in freezer let freeze till all the way frozen and then place in a ziplock or a container.....

    when you want to eat them you can either defrost or micro/toaster oven from frozen.

    i stuff them with many things. mostly what ever is left over after i freezer cook.

    chicken and broccoli,
    most is just eyeballed...
    cooked diced chicken broccoli (chopped)
    cheddar cheese, red bell pepper, salt pepper and a dash of sauce of some sort
    i make several, either cream of mushroom, or cream of chicken, or a white sauce to make it a little moist. not to much.

    obviously this is just pizza stuffing.
    be sure not to roll out the buiscuit too thin on this one.
    pizza sauce, pepperoni, cheese veggies meats of choice either italian sausage, beef or even chicken.

    steak hot pockets.
    when i freezer cook chili i will buy extra stew meat for this one.
    cooked beef bell peppers onions mozz cheese mushrooms if you want, i like them.

    you can do breakfast ones also
    scramble eggs when cooked throw in cooked ground sausage cheese bacon if you want and even cooked pan fried potato"s that are diced up.
    you can use the grand biscuit or a tortilla to make a burrito.

    and you can make a regular meat pie,
    ground meat, dash of tomato sauce onions bell peppers mushrooms if you want.
    i usually make my uncl buddy's natadoschios meat pies. seasoned ground meat.

    i've make crawfish pie hot pockets, careful not to roll out too thin on this one either.
    i just used the crawfish pie filling.
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    Re: Hot pockets for lunch again

    Thank you Stella! Looks good and easy.


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      Re: Hot pockets for lunch again

      Stella: what a wonderful idea! I will definately be making these. Sounds very easy and yummy.
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        Re: Hot pockets for lunch again

        Looks Like We're Having Fajita's From On The Border With All The Fixin's. I Think I'll Use The Shredded Lettuce And Make Mine A Fajita Salad. I'm Munching On Chips And Queso Until Time To Go Eat!11


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          Re: Hot pockets for lunch again

          They do sound very good.
          I just had a plain hot dog...
          I am jealous of Nu though. I could eat Mexican food forever and a day....
          Have you made time to listen to the birds today........


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            Re: Hot pockets for lunch again

            Sounds awesome Stella!
            You are so creative!

            I'm having leftover HB that DH grilled, and some chips. It's good! But not very creative!