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?? about banana bread....

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  • ?? about banana bread....

    In particular Coll's Banana Bread (which is MAGNIFICENT by the way )

    Usually when I bake quick breads, i.e., apple or pumpkin bread I gets a "puffy dome-like" top......don't know how else to describe regular bread it has an arch to the top. But when I make the banana bread it comes out FLAT! EVERY TIME!!

    I have checked my ingredients and ALL are fresh. I don't over-mix it. It just *doesn't seem to wanna* dome on top.


    Does your turn out the same way? I only wonder because I think *I* might be doing something wrong, nothing against the bread........It is the most wonderderful, moist, tasty delicious banana bread I have ever eaten.


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    Re: ?? about banana bread....

    Good Morning Flutterby!
    You know what?
    I made some Banana Nut Bread last week. One batch came out rounded and the next batch came out flat-topped.
    It all tasted good though.
    The only difference that I can think of was that I used metal pans the first time and glass pans the next.
    I am also curious to see what kind of responses you get here....
    Have you made time to listen to the birds today........


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      Re: ?? about banana bread....

      The only thing I can think of, is your pan too big perhaps?? If I remember correctly, Coll's Banana Bread has sour milk in it. Maybe try adding a bit more vinegar to the milk and that should give more stimulation to the baking soda.
      Communicate. It can't make things any worse!


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        Re: ?? about banana bread.... sour milk in this recipe.

        I have used all sorts of pans.....NONE of mine have come out domed.....

        I used a regular size loaf pan, small loaf pans, muffin tins, mini muffin tins.....

        doesn't make much sense to me either.......still curious here!


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          Re: ?? about banana bread....

          the only things I can think if are....maybe:

          placement in oven (rack level) or your oven temp is a little off or you copied the recipe wrong.

          I've never had a loaf of quick bread turn out flat-topped.
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            Re: ?? about banana bread....

            I've been making Coll's banana bread for years now and it's the best. Mine always comes out with a flat top, but it's usually gone so fast it doesn't matter. \


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              Re: ?? about banana bread....

              Over mixing is one cause of flat tops.. & old baking soda