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  • Pet Peeves Re-Visited

    Who was it that posted about "people first" being a big pet peeve? i.e., using "has a child with autism" instead of "her autistic son"...
    Now every time I read or hear a description of someone's disability *before* identifying the person, I think of that.

    Another pet peeve is the press or media having to use the word "adopted" when talking about someone's children. As soon as the adoption is final, those children are just as much *real* children to the family as if they were biological. It makes me cringe to think that Tom and Nicole's children, or Brad and Angelina's children, go through their whole lives identified in the press as "adopted". It just seems to denote that they are somehow less important than a biological child.


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    Re: Pet Peeves Re-Visited

    not today AngID
    i've hashed my peeve's. done with it.
    only stirs up anger and irritation with me lol
    I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...


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      Re: Pet Peeves Re-Visited

      The way the press or media relays things is "wrong" most of the time - i.e. - put out there in the wrong way.