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  • Need Help Quick!!

    I am in the middle of making quick breads and I come to think......

    How full do I fill the bread pan?

    I am making Bean's Pumpkin pineapple loaf in small loaf pans

    Coll's Banana Bread

    and Fresh Apple Bread......

    In the next 5 minutes would be absolutely wonderful!!!

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    Re: Need Help Quick!!

    Ok, nevermind.......too late I'm just gonna *hope* I didn't fill them too full!


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      Re: Need Help Quick!!

      I usually fill to within 1/2 to 3/4 inch.

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        Re: Need Help Quick!!

        About 2/3 is what I usually end up with...
        Depends on how thick the batter is. The recipe usually tells you if it makes one loaf or you probably already know....
        Sorry I was too late to help!
        I hope it all works out well for you.
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          Re: Need Help Quick!!

          I just now read your post, but I am with TexAnn on this, 2/3 of the loaf pan. Hope it worked out for you.


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            Re: Need Help Quick!!

            I found with the pumpkin pineapple loaf that the less I have in the pan the better it comes out. I used a large can of pineapple and had some batter left over so I filled a loaf pan half-way. It was better than the two full size ones. It was not as dry and took less time to cook. Maybe the mini loaves will work the same way.