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GLAD to be home!

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  • GLAD to be home!

    I love traveling back to PA to visit w/ fam and friends... but after a week of sleeping in different places (that were ALL too hot!!)... I get discombobulated and want to be back at HOME in my own bed and bathroom!!

    Middle DD found the wedding dress of her dreams... discounted at a snooty wedding shoppe who wouldn't LET us take photos!! We did go back to the fun place that allowed photos and she tried on another "cinderella" dress for me... I'll post the photo when I upload 'em from the camera.

    It was super fun hanging out w/ middle and youngest DDs. I got to go to my hair guru who made me gorgeous... AND gave me a super cool hot red stripe in my frosted hair! For 10 years I've been telling her, "Oh man... if I didn't have to go into an office every day... I'd get some cool stripe in my hair!" THIS time I said to her, "HEY... I DON'T have to go to an office every day... bring on that red stripe!!" My kids just shake their heads... haha.
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    Re: GLAD to be home!

    We Need A Pic Of That Red Stripe Also!!! Lol

    Glad Everyone Was Good And You Had A Good Trip. Best Thing About Trips Is Getting Home!!!
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      Re: GLAD to be home!

      Welcome Home!!!
      Glad to hear that all went well and that you are home safe and sound!
      Yes, I want to see your red stripe too!!!
      Have you made time to listen to the birds today........


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        Re: GLAD to be home!

        Welcome home! Sounds like you had a good trip. Glad your daughter found a dress. And yes, I want to see a picture of your hair.