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  • Ultimate Healing book informercial

    I happened on this infomercial hosted by Hugh Downs (boo to you, Hugh) where they're selling this book (and giving others in the series for free... ) of all these medical breakthroughs and cures that are endorsed by a huge team of doctors, who speak about their "articles" in the book, have discovered and endorse in the book.

    So... if there are simpler cures/treatments for diseases... ya don't get to have them unless you buy this stupid book? How do doctors sleep at night if they have answers they don't share w/ their patients??

    Well... I noticed that the doctors don't say, "Buy this book to find my answer." They talk about a health answer in "their article." So, I went to a medical publishing site... and sure enough... if you can suffer thru some medical speak... you can find most of these answers yourself.

    I wanted to email the company and tell them that withholding important medical information from people in order to sell a book is reprehensible... but of course, there's only a phone number where you can order the book! Go figure!!
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    Re: Ultimate Healing book informercial

    We get so many people, old and young, who believer these quack TV "docs" over their own PCP. They believe everything they hear.
    I have a friend who it taking this "medication" that's going to "cure" his high blood pressure and everything/anything else. Said a guy at work's wife was put on dialysis because her kidney's shut down, started taking these pills, they are working now, and she's completely healed, nothing wrong with her! BULLSH!T!!!!!!!

    If it's so dadgum good why isn't the Doctors giving it to patients? Why do you have to buy it on the internet????

    People neet to trust their docs and not believe everything they hear/read!!!
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      Re: Ultimate Healing book informercial

      Nu is so right. They are selling their books, they don't know anymore then any other doctor, just trying to make money and some people are so gulliable, they buy into it.