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  • Help on foreclosures......

    (this is not a fw email or's straight from me)

    I can't personally vouch for this organization but I do know one person who has used them and they saved her house for her, and I do know a realtor who says she has known several families that used them and were able to save their homes from foreclosure (one of them was 2 days from having to move out when she signed up with them....they made a phone call and the whole process was stopped until she could get some help so she didn't have to move).

    They are a non-profit organization and they do require you to meet with them in person and then do 5 follow-up meetings/activities with them afterward, but there is no cost involved.

    On their website you can read about the entire program, locate your nearest office, find the schedule of their meetings in your area, then register for a meeting on line. Then you meet with them in a group meeting in person; if you decide you want their help, you then submit all your mortgage and loan info on line. There are two forums on the website for people who think they are about to be in trouble with their payments and one for people who need urgent ASAP help to keep from geeting evicted (it's listed URGENT).

    Their website is: (neighborhood assistance corporation of america)

    Best wishes to anyone who is is this situation.......I hope you can work something out somehow.
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    Re: Help on foreclosures......

    National Association for Campus Activities?

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      Re: Help on foreclosures......

      I think she meant
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        Re: Help on foreclosures......

        Ooops, my mistake! I corrected it in the original post.


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          Re: Help on foreclosures......

          This prospect of forclosure may be in our not-so-far-in-the-future time. Thank you for the info. How sad to think we may lose our VERY modest house after 23 years of mortgage payments...
          Mary Ann in Wisconsin
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            Re: Help on foreclosures......

            Does appear to be a $20.00 membership fee before anything can be submitted to NACA to obtain assistance.