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  • Veggies

    We got 16 nice big tomatoes for 5.00 and a huge watermelon for 5.00. we eat tomatoes all last week and just ran out yesterday so rite on time!

    I am loving the veggie stands here!

    What about you ....

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    we have another month before stands open here,,,Heck i just got my garden planted on the 24 of May
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      The farmer's market hasn't started here yet. I saw a sign up at an Amish home today that said fresh eggs, but that was it. Every now and then they have baked goods also.
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        I've been buying them too but not sure where they are all coming from. I suspect greenhouses.

        Oh and my grape tomato plant has at least 7 tomatoes already - they are green but they are there!!!


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          I posted a site on recipes to try with tons of tomatoe recipes.. Check it out when you get a chance. We have 23 tomatoe plants growing and I can't wait til we get some to try some of those recipes.


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            23 tomato plants? :O my goodness! What do you do with all of tomatoes janabanana? Do you can them? I have planted 3 tomato plants this year, bought them at a flea market (no, I'm not kidding lol), they were $5 each, stood almost 2 feet tall with TONS of buds on them. They are now LOADED with tomatoes, have a feeling we will have a bumper crop. Can you say BLT? YUMMMMM! Nothing better than a vine ripened tomato. *smile*
            I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.