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    What exactly is It's always on the news. I was watching last night about a 16 year old girl her told her parent's she was going to Canada and got on a plane to Jordan to meet someone from the internet called Abdul Psycho who was 25 years old. The story centered around all of the teenagers who have myspace and that is where pedofiles find kids and lure them. I've seen it mentioned here, and just wanted to know what it is and how it works. Can you find out if your child has it?

  • #2 - the good & the bad is website where people set up individual webpages that list things about them (although who knows if they're being honest). People can then leave them messages if they also have a myspace account.

    It has it's good & bad. You can use it to contact old friends by doing a search for a name. Anyone can view it so you can also find out valuable info on it from the messages left, it's amazing what these kids will post. You just have to be careful w/the info so they don't make it private and can't be viewed unless allowed access.

    However, it's a huge time waster reading everyone's messages. Also many of the pictures that they post are obscene, pornographic although the moderators say they don't allow porn (eyes of the beholder I guess).

    Go to and you'll see an area to do a 'friend search'. Type in someone's name and you may be able to find them.


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      Thank you motherhen. I really appreciate your information. So, is everyone registered that has a myspace account? meaning, if I typed my kids names in, would I know if they had an account? What if they use a phoney name? I'm a litttle freaked because of what I have been hearing lately, and many of the news pundits are blaming the parents for not keeping closer tabs on their chilfren. They keep stressing to keep the computers out of the bedroom. Even if a parent checks continually, the screen can be minimized as soon as someone walks in the room. My kids know 1000 times more about a computer and the internet than I do. It's a new experience for me to know way less than my children do on a subject.


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        This his HUGE with teenagers. I read that same article in today's paper about the 16 year old flying to Israel. The article said that kids under 13 can't have a myspace account and kids 14-15 can't have their profile viewed by people they have not identified as "friends". That's all great and swell, but most kids will fudge their age. My friend did this: she registered a myspace account with a very vague screen name so she could check up on her step-daughter's account. Parents should do this. The amount of tasteless, graphic, and just plain sexually NASTY stuff on this site would make your head spin. I'm embarassed just viewing some people's main pic.
        I use it to find old friends and view friend's sites.


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          Yes, anyone can use any name or age. It can make it very difficult to find your kids. Oftentimes though, if you seach by school or graduating year, you can find them, because they rarely fudge on those things.
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            My 15 yr old has an account but I have his password and I was right there when he signed up. I would not let him put were his is, his school name, or give out personal info. I do go and read his myspace at least twice a week. But he only talks to 2 or 3 kids that are not from here. I have the boys comp in the living room in a place were there is no hiding. Plus I have the pandora software so I know what there doing and were there at on the net. If he were to get a "friend" that I didn't approve of he would get one chance to get rid of them or I would do for him. And I promised him I would not be nice about it.

            But I do agree that the internet is a very scary and dangerous place for teens to be.
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              tami, I commend you for your diligence. Rules need to be set and enforced or these kids will get in over their heads. good job!
              bennet, i vaguely remember you saying you had twins. I would check up on their computer usage, but then again I have no idea if they're teens or just younger.


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                Tami, I too commend you for your rules.

                most of my grands have accounts at my space. but they are in college and keep up with each other The four still in college are usually close but work, school, they don't get to see each other much so they use the internet. My youngest son (38) also has an account and he keeps up with them to.His 15 yr. old has an account and Dad keeps an eye on him too.
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                  By making an account yourself, what does that allow you to do more than without an account, i.e. look at pictures? What if the account your trying to see is 'private'? Can you still get in if you have an account?

                  Not sure how your computer is set up but you should be able to look at the history of your kids online usage. Fortunately my kids haven't figured out how to delete the history.

                  What worries me is "Facebook" next year in college because I don't think I can get into checking any of those (high school is scary enough anyway, I hate to see what the college kids post).


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                    If they have there account set to private if you have an account you see user name, sex, age, place, country and if your on line or not. Mind you they don't have to have all of that listed. This user must add you as a friend to see his/her profile. You can't contact some set to private unless they add you. This is if you have an account. I made sure DS2 was set this way.

                    I do this because it is my job to protect my children. God gave them to me to raise into faithful good giving thoughtful productive people. I can't do that if I don't protect them and teach them how to protect themselves.
                    ""Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you're just a mother. The next you are all-wise and prehistoric.""


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                      motherhen....I'm not sure of all that... I do know I have to log in. So I say yes, you need an account to view others' profiles. It's very easy to make an account. I just updated my page and I'm so computer illiterate that I just deleted all the pretty graphics my SIL set up for me! I am so stuck on stupid with computers! Kids these days...they can run circles around us.
                      It does appear that even with an account the profiles of kids younger than 16 cannot be viewed unless you are a "friend". Each user must approve friend requests from others. I'll tell you, I've had some strange birds ask to be my friends and I have no idea why or how they found me.
                      Yeah right, you wanna be a friend of some 39 year old boring old lady whom you've never met? Geesh....


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                        maddison, my twins are teenagers. They both say they do not have myspace accounts and tell me tales of horror about those that do. Without any prompting from me, as I have asked them both nonchalantly, they have told me that many of their friends have accounts and it is full of perverts and pornography and filthy rap music. They both have said that myspace is for losers. Now, I am not stupid, nor, am I naive. I do not automatically believe them. I have checked history, of course. I can't check their names unless I join, which I really do not want to do. I also am not around 24/7 to monitor their computer doings. Neither seem to be on that much and do not have a great interest. They are both very involved in sports and plays and spend a lot of time socializing with their friends in the real world. Yet, I am concerned when I hear what is going on with teenagers. I have tried to protect my children as much as I could since they were born, and I continue to do so. But, it is much more complicated than making sure they wear a hat and gloves and boots in the snow.


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                          dd2 has had an account there for quite awhile. she is always showing me things that are there about friends. she has never had a problem, but it is the way she has her acct set up. as with any internet site, there are pervs, nasty jokes, etc. it isnt the place, it is how and what we teach our kids to do on the puter! just like we teach them not to talk to strangers, take candy, etc, we have to teach them what kind of info they can and can NOT give out!!!!!!! chop

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