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Finally find computer's problem.

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  • Finally find computer's problem.

    Oops. I started one sentence for the topic and changed midstream. Cannot edit the topic -- it should read "Finally found my computer's problem".

    My computer had a problem and it would often play warning notes that something was wrong. When that happened, the document I was working on would be lost. This kept happening more and more frequently. I had a tech come out and try to fix it. He checked it out and said that it was my port replicator was bad and I should replace it or just leave it disconnected from my laptop. Then he charged me $60 and left.

    The problem wasn't solved. I got a new 7 port USB connector unit as was suggested by the troubleshooting program that came with the Sony. That still didn't solve. Then when the warning tones started and didn't stop, I noticed that the light on the terminal where I had a mouse plugged in was blinking.

    I bought a new mouse and the problem is solved. I got a wireless and love it. (I am not very good using the tough pad.)

    Any way it is good to be back.

    Bobbi Jo
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    Re: Finally find computer's problem.

    the mouse! How funny...well Im glad you figured it out Bobbi Jo What a relief , huh!


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      Re: Finally find computer's problem.

      I'm very happy with my wireless mouse (and keyboard). I have the Logitech mouse model that comes with a rechargeable base. I'm afraid I'd be changing batteries very often otherwise. On the otherhand, my keyboard runs on two AA's that last a very good while.
      Mary Ann in Wisconsin
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