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the shuttle endeavor will be landing soon..

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  • the shuttle endeavor will be landing soon..

    because of the weather the shuttle will be landing at edwards air force base..i'm only 20 miles from i will experience the sonic booms and thier really will rattle my windows..dogs will go into a barking frenzy and the cat will hide underneath the bed..

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    Re: the shuttle endeavor will be landing soon..

    Thank God they made it home safely!

    EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (Nov. 30) - Space shuttle Endeavour and its seven astronauts safely returned to Earth on Sunday, taking a detour to sunny California after storms hit the main landing strip in Florida.
    Endeavour wrapped up a 16-day trip that left the international space station freshly remodeled and capable of housing bigger crews. The shuttle dropped off all kinds of home improvement equipment, including a new bathroom, kitchenette, exercise machine, two sleeping quarters and a recycling system designed to convert astronauts' urine and sweat into drinking water.

    But the mission wasn't without its problems. Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper let go of a $100,000 tool bag during the first spacewalk, muttering "Oh, great" as it floated away.
    And Endeavour's astronauts also had to put in extra effort to get the urine processor working.
    About seven liters of recycled urine and condensation were coming back aboard Endeavour for extensive testing. No one at the space station will drink the recycled water until the equipment runs for 90 days and ground tests ensure it's safe. More samples will be returned on the next shuttle flight.
    The shuttle crew also conducted four spacewalks to clear metal shavings from a solar wing rotary joint at the space station. The joint had been jammed for more than a year and hampered energy production at the orbiting outpost.
    Initial tests indicated the repairs on the joint were successful.
    The space station additions and a few more scheduled to go up on the next shuttle flight in February should enable NASA to double the size of the space station crew by June.
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