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  • Note on my recipes...

    Many of my recipes in the forum I have 'cut and pasted' from my documents section on my computer. Many of these were written out with very explicit directions for my daughter (actually, probably more than she even needs!). So...point being...I hope I'm not offending anyone by including directions that seem obvious.

    I had to laugh at myself. I realized after I sent out a copy of the recipe for Grandma Adah dressing to family that I said to discard bone and gristle (or something to that effect) after cooking the giblets. I know why I had that in there! It was for hubby who is not all that careful about deboning. Many a dish has ended up difficult or dangerous to eat and definitely NOT something we can freeze and send over to my Mom (we are her meals on wheels). Everyone else reading the recipe must have been shaking their heads! LOL
    Mary Ann in Wisconsin
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    Re: Note on my recipes...

    Actually, I was. LOL. However, I decided to be polite and not question the "bones".


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      Re: Note on my recipes...

      I think that is too cute!
      I have written recipes with step by step by step instructions for my DD.

      Gives me a chuckle to see them now! She recognized the absolute simplicity of the instructions and thought it was funny too! But - she still uses them and they still make her laugh every time!