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What do you do about dreams that upset you?

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  • What do you do about dreams that upset you?

    I laid down after supper watching tv and fell asleep (yeah I know, never eat a meal and then go to sleep, it wasn't in the plan, it just happened). Well I woke up a little while ago from a bad dream, and I have to say I'm still upset about it. It was about my family, and in the dream before I woke up, I was screaming my younger sister's name to get her away from danger. Did you ever wake up and just have an awful dream that you can't shake? It's almost like I still hear the screaming in my subconcious. It took me a while to get my breath after I woke up also.

    How do you get a dream like that out of your mind?
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    i just really try to think about something else,,,,One night i had a dream i was being raped and i couldn't scream or move..when i finally woke up i got me a knife..and slept with it,,,
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      try writing in a journal what you remember and the details. If you can get it out and on paper, sometimes if helps to take the power out of the dream.

      And if you have a pattern, you will be able to see it better.


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        I always go to the dream dictionary and analyze my dreams especially when I am bothered by them
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          I try to analyze mine also. For example when I am stressed at work about a project that I have to tell myself "Just a few more days" about I have the walking down the stairs then falling into oblivian dream. I think thats because subconciously (sp) I think it will never end.
          Maybe your sister is having a problem that you know about, but you don't know how to help her? Or you do but she is refusing help? Or maybe she does things that you think will put her in danger?
          Or maybe its "That little voice" telling you that something might happen to her.
          But if its none of those and it was just a weird dream just tell yourself that. "It was just a dream" nothing is going to happen to my sister, it was the food I ate before bed. That might help.
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            I don't know how to analyze my dreams. My best friend is very dream oriented, but she's going through some stuff right now and I don't want to bother her with it. I almost called my sister to see if she was okay last night when I woke up from the dream, but it was late. As far as I know there's no problems going on in her life that would make me worry about her and in the last few years she's grown up a lot and doesn't make stupid decisions anymore, so it can't be that. I still can't get the feeling of this dream out of my skin though, so I'll call her later and see if everything's ok. I've had bad dreams all my life (especially recurring nightmares) and this one... well this one was so different it scared me.
            A good friend will come and bail you out of jail.... but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn, that was fun!"