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I got alot done this weekend

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  • I got alot done this weekend

    Did the Christmas cards they are mailed, really cut down on them, finally got a label maker so that saved tons of time, OK did the laundry nothing new, but got DH to help me flip the mattress & clean under it. I have been in this house over 4yrs brought shelf paper, finally got that up too. Excited, under the sink plywood & crappy so the shelf paper looks great. We worked together and got so much done this weekend, so happy. Last week cleaned out the china cabinet this house is getting so clean & organized that I am getting scared. Afraid to mess it up. LOL Really did alot and threw out crap too.

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    Re: I got alot done this weekend

    Congratulations and Enjoy your Staycation at home LOL


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      Re: I got alot done this weekend

      Good for you Roset!!!! To me that is one of the best feelings to get your home cleaned and organized. I go in spurts with how organized I can be. However, I don't think I will ever see my home to it's fullest potential of getting EVERYTHING done in it that I've ever dreamed of. So I have to settle for the smaller accomplishments I make I guess.

      Congrats!!! Hope you continue to keep up the production!!!!
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        Re: I got alot done this weekend

        Hey come to my house!!! Great job!

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