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  • College Freshman Orientation.......

    Leaving for dd's freshman orientation. Any tips, advice, etc. to check out, ask or the like?

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    Good luck and enjoy. I didn't go with SDD when she did this last year. DH went. I think everything is pretty well orchestrated while you are there. Most of the time an upper classman takes you around to tour the campus, etc. Not sure they are the best to answer all questions anyway.

    Have fun. Kind of a bittersweet time.


    Originally posted by motherhen220
    Leaving for dd's freshman orientation. Any tips, advice, etc. to check out, ask or the like?


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      Oh motherhen220, I went through this for the first time just last year. It's such an exciting time to know that your child will be experiencing things, good and bad, without you. She will truly gain confidence, develop a character yet unseen, make new friends on her own, learn to manage her time, and learn accountability. Thankfully, having cell phones where they can call on you anytime has made life much less stressful.

      For the tips:
      1) I'd find out the size of the beds in the dorm rooms. Most are extra long twins in which the regular twin size sheets won't fit. You'll need to look for X-long sheets. Be sure to buy an egg crate mattress pad to fit on top of the mattress. The mattresses are usually pretty hard and crispy. This will help alot.

      2) Measure the windows, if any. Even if blinds are supplied, curtains will help make the room cozier.

      3) Measure the closets to see how deep and wide. Those plastic bins with drawers might be able to fit for extra storage and save space in the room itself.

      4) Take a camera and take lots of pictures. When she gets home, she'll get even more excited and proud to show her friends and family where she'll be living for the next year.

      5) Get phone numbers of the local police, help her find the church (if so inclined), bank, a coffee shop, bookstore. There may be a "fair" with all this information available. Be sure to visit.

      6) Check out the fast food restaurants so you'll know what kind of gift cards to purchase to send in a thinking of you card.

      Other than that, your orientation visit will supply you with lots of good information and tips. Most of all . . . enjoy, encourage, and try not to cry.