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I am SO embarassed!!!

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  • I am SO embarassed!!!

    Last week I got a wonderful suprise package in the mail from Nutsky, Beautiful warm soft blanket, red with snowflakes, a couple pair of fuzzy purple socks/slippers (to wear when using my purple 9"er!! ) and another pair of socks that are red and say "Dear Santa, Define Naughty" (I don't get it? lol)

    And..... I came in here to the computer to sit down and let everyone know what a nice package I got from such a NICE person, then got side tracked replying to posts and stuff (just a little ADD ) and completely forgot to send her a thank you!

    So....Nutsky, THANK YOU from the bottom of my shriveled up ole heart!!! I love everything! You didnt' have to do it, but I appriciate it! It's nice to know others out there like you!! lol

    Sorry I have CRS!!!
    "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Re: I am SO embarassed!!!

    I completely understand, I am the Queen of CRS. Glad you are enjoying your surprise.