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Gall Bladder Trouble?

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  • Gall Bladder Trouble?

    Has anyone ever had a gall bladder attack? I'm pretty sure that's what has been wrong with me. However, tonight was the 1st time I had the horrible pain between my shoulder blades, it's subsiding a bit, but...ARGH!!! I have a physical coming up in a week and a half, might hafta bite the bullet and have Dr. check it out. *sigh* I am just not gung-ho about any surgery, it took me almost 2 years to decide to get my carpel tunnel done. Any advice for getting through the attacks? I have been eating Rolaids like they are candy. Any other hints would be appreciated.
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    been there done that. The pain you can have from the gallbladder attacks are the worst that I have ever had for any thing. The only thing that stopped it for me towards the end was demoral.

    You do need to have it checked, because you can have some serious effects if there is a real blockage in the ducts of the gallbladder. The pain may be coming from some real damage. Please go have it checked.

    The surgery is easy these day. They make three little holes and go it laproscopicly with a small camera and take it out. The recovery is not bad. NO heavy lifting, and following dr's orders.........

    Hope you feel better soon.


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      Oh please do not wait if you are having any kind of pain. My mom had hers removed but I was very little and don't recall much of that event. I know she had a huge scar and now it is done differently.

      Please don't wait (((hugs)))


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        I had my gall bladder out about 3 years ago. I will tell u that the first attack I had I felt like I was having a heart attack. My gall bladder spasmed and since its under ur rib cage it is close to your heart and alot of people mistake it for a heart attack.

        I too recommend you get it checked.. there are 2 things that could be wrong with it.. you could have stones which could cause a blockage which as someone above stated could have serious affects. The other thing is what I had.. my gall bladder just quit working. I had no stones at all.

        The tests to me where easy. First they did an ultrasound to look for stones or blockage and if you have none they do this other test I don't remember the name of it but its an injection of die and you lie under a machine and it reads the out put of your gall bladder.

        I had the laproscopic surgery and have 3 tiny scars.. one right in the line of my bra in the center of my chest.. one in my belly button and one near my side. It was a very easy surgery. It was outpatient.. I went in that morning and was home by 1130 am.

        Sometimes if you have stones that are too large they have to make the large incision, but you would have some idea if that was ur situation before you went in.

        I was terrified of surgies but I must say having the attacks was worse. I never knew when they would hit and I was nausious all the time.

        Definately go to your doctor and get checked out.. he will definately make you feel better about the fact if surgery is needed. If theres anything else you might need to ask me feel free too.
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          Squishy...the pain is like nothing else I have ever had before! I had my out 10 years ago under emergency circumstances. Thought I was having a heart attack! It hurt from my neck to my knees, doubled over in pain and turning yellow. I got 5 little incisions with mine...with a laperoscopy. It was my first ride in an ambulance! The docs can give you something for the pain now....but when it blows you will know it and it will be time for the ER! Rolaids wont really help. You need to watch your diet. No grease, no high fiber, nothing hard to digest like high in protein foods such as meat, no nuts, stuff like that. Think bland, and soft till you can go to the docs. After it's out you can pretty much eat anything at all. The only thing I still have a hard time with is nuts, and if I eat anything too greasy or fried it sometimes bothers me. Good Luck!


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            Thanks you guys for the support and info. I called my mom this morning as she had hers out years ago (was FULL of stones). I told her all the symptoms I was having and she thinks I have a "gimpy" gall bladder. I will talk to my Dr on the 13th about it. I thought I was gonna die last night, chest hurt, diarreah, pain in between my shoulder blades, pain right below my rib cage in the center. ARGH It was horrible. The rolaids didn't help a bit, took a vicodin before bed to ease the pain and woke up feeling fine. The attack happened after I ate 7 grain bread. My mom said everything you guys said (I knew you were all smart people! *smiles*), said to stay away from anything that has seeds too. I just can't even think about surgery right now *sniff*, I have just started a new job! I do heavy lifting (my pts.)...I wonder how long it would be until I would be able to go back to work IF I have to have surgery? Thanks again you guys!!
            I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.