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Take off on Butterfly/Flutterby. Does anyone else do this?

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  • Take off on Butterfly/Flutterby. Does anyone else do this?

    Didn't know how to start this.. but Flutterby got me thinking. I still call Butterfly's "flutterbys". When my children when young they or I would change letters in words or words..and a lot of them stuck.

    Daffidols become daffey ducks (they heard the daffey..and guess the yellow reminded them of ducks?)
    Stapler was paper chomper.. but now is just a chomper (everyone knows at work when I say can I use your chomper)
    Slippers = Sips

    Anyone else have substitue names like this?

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    Water is "gwady"..always has been. Even my cats know gwady.
    quarters are "quantukas"
    and we have a grocery store in this neck of the woods called Giant Eagle. I have always called it "Giant Evil".....cause you go there to buy one or two things and this evil monster takes over and makes you spend like $60.00 in no time flat of all kinds of things you dont really need!!

    Check your email Tessa.


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      the only one that comes to mind at the moment is that we call Giant Eagle.. Big Bird!
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        Daffy Dills is what we call daffodils

        Two lips is what we call tulips

        cattypillers is what we call caterpillars

        Runny babbits is what we call bunny rabbits

        and of course I carried on the flutterby/butterfly tradition

        I do a lot more things, just can't think right now.


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          We always said the Flutterby thing too,,,,,

          Scutterbotch - Butterscotch
          Sawchain - Chainsaw (4 yr old son called it that)
          Snatchers - Tongs
          Callapitters - Catapillers
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            Do Da...remote control.



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              Funny...we call Giant Eagle the Giant Beagle here


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                When my son was small I was making tuna salad and adding Old Bay Seasoning to it. He asked what it was, I told him seasoning to make it taste good. The next time and there after, and still today, he calls it - "SNEEZENING". He also calls corned beef, "RED MEAT". lol
                I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.


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                  I call puppies....pappies
                  or in my best French accent, "Le Pappie-ons"
                  KMart=Kame Apart

                  heck i know there's more, but I can't think of them right now...


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                    We also do the K-mart= Came apart

                    UBC (United Builders Center) = You've been cheated
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                      Shaking a Tower - Taking a shower

                      And we are bad, sometimes when we go to FudRuckers...well you get the doesn't sound very nice saying that in the wrong order.
                      So much to do, so few people to do it for me.


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                        My sister had an orange guinea pig called Scutterbotch for Butterscotch. Panda got me calling Giant Eagle, Giant Evil because I know what I can spend in that store!!!

                        My kitties are called The Kits. I have called butterflies, flutterbys also. We call the remote the Clicker.


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                          caterpiller= capatilla
                          butterflies are flutterbys here too

                          I can't think of any else.
                          I'm out of bed, and dressed what more do you want?


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                            DD called perfume purple loom, butter was blutter, and I'm not sure if i can spell this to get it across but Sprite was spri-dit, she still calls sprite that and we had a waitress once that did the same thing. I still call perfume purpleloom. ( i miss her baby language). we do flutterbys too. Maybe they should just make that an official name change...
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                              forgot to add that when I was little, I called comfortable: Countrytory.

                              I said, "Ahh, Papa, this is so countrytory" when we got in his truck and he turned on the air conditioning.

                              It was very hot and we had just been in his small plane that he flew and he didn't turn on the air conditioning to save on fuel. And the small airport didn't have air conditioning so I was burning up in the hot days of summer in southern Oklahoma. It had to be 1980 when that happened. I was 5 years old.
                              So much to do, so few people to do it for me.