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Spin off from flutterbys... How people pronounce your name

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  • Spin off from flutterbys... How people pronounce your name

    My name is Amber (duh huh? LOL) I have been called Hammer, Beeber, and Eema by young children. Just thought it would be funny to hear how some of your guy's names have been mispronounced.
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    DD's name is Kelleigh, (Kelly), starting in the 2nd grade they mispelled her name on the initial paperwork and it was KAlleigh. I corrected them the first parent meeting the week before school started. It finally rolled on so long that I told Kell to stop answering to Kalleigh. She did, it took about a month fof her embarrassing the staff with "you didn't call my name...No, i'm Kelleigh, not kalleigh..." for them to start getting it right again. I'm luck she was always a bold child. She never did just "accept" something because it came from an "adult".

    My maiden name was Fowler, which was always misprounced, I married a Willcutt, I thought " a simple compound name. Still I rarely ever hear it pronounced correctly, seems everyone thinks I'm a Willcox...go figure that one.
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      I get called Auntie A by a lot of my friend's kids. Two of them call me Annie-A instead. The one couldn't pronounce it for the longest time, and it's just stuck.
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        Do you have all day to read a list of all the ways they mispronounce my name?

        Some add T's in there, and K's or W's or H's.

        I have been called:

        Markeeta (My mother in law called me that for the longest time, she said she worked with a Markeeta)

        (I am sure I am missing a few too.)

        Now, you want to hear something funny? My name is correctly pronounced Mar-key-uh. And a few years back I was getting my license renewed and they called my name perfectly. I stand up to go to the front and this guy stands up too and got there before I did. He had been there before me and I was shocked that my name had been called so soon after sitting down.
        Later though, when it was my turn to go up to get my license done, they mispronounced it. Grrr. I know, probably different spelling.

        My niece and nephew call me Auntie "M". I like that.
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          My name is pronounced Jan-a, but so many people say Jane-a. And over the phone I'm Janet, Janice, Kana or Lana. I always have to say, Jana like the banana..


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            Its not a matter of pronouncing my name correctly (Abbey), its more a matter of A) spelling it properly or B) calling me by the right name.

            At work, patients call me "Ivy", "Bobbi", "Amy" and too many others to list.

            A funny thing my coworkers & I still chuckle about, was when a patient called and told me he needed an appointment with his doctor. He said he couldn't pronounce the name but he'd spell it for me. I thought that was fine because we have a doctor from Greece, Turkey, Korea, Philippines, Egypt, etc. so it was understandable.....He began spelling it....D-A-V-I-D. One of the easiest names in our department, totally took me by surprise!
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              I'm Karen, although I have been renamed Kathy since grade school. Was told I "looked" like a Kathy. Now I get Carol or Carolyn. Really it is not that hard of a name to get right.


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                my name is always said wrong...i get called Dorothy....i tell them it's DorotheA no nick name is doro,,,sounds like door,,,,the things folks say...
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                  All the kid's in my family call me dureen until they get older and can pronounce it, it's darlene


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                    On a voice chat program I was part of once, some guy thought my Nickname, Cottun, was pronounced like "Cot-toon". I had to explain to everybody that it was pronounced "Cotton", but that spelling was already taken so I had to change the letters.


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                      My maiden name is Biel. Rhymes with peel. Do you know how many have prounounced it "Bile" in nasty poop? My mom and I always got this mispronunciacion in crowded places.
                      My niece can't say Michelle (also her mom's name), so she calls me Aunt Belle. I love the sound of that from her little mouth.


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                        My name is Belinda ~ little sister is Brenda. I get called Brenda all the time no matter where I am and in school, the teachers I had previously would call her Belinda. Mom often got us mixed up

                        I also get:

                        Aunt Bee (a dear friend calls me that)
                        Bee (everyone close calls me this)
                        Linny (everyone from school called me this and still does)
                        BeLinda (bee-linda, this is how dad pronounces my name)


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                          My name is Diana, but hubby's family has always called me Diane. Our last name is Engel, but checks from his job are always spelled anywhere from Ingle to Ingel, Engle, to who knows what. Once got 3 checks in the same envelope, written by the same person, spelled 3 different ways. Go figure.


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                            my name is nita, and get called rita, neda, nida (with long i ), nada. our last name is harter. now that "h" is a soft sound right? i dont know how many people have called it carter :O. dont know where in the heck they hear a "c", chop

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                              My name is Lauren. When I was growing up (60's-70's) I didn't know of anyone else with the name Lauren, so to "not be so different" I had everyone call me Laurie. Well, once I became an adult I grew into the name Lauren and preferred to be called by that name. Still I catch my husband, of all people, calling me Lori sometimes! Often people will say Laura, Loren, Warren!,and Lawrence!