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What's For Dinner, 6/4/06?

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  • What's For Dinner, 6/4/06?

    Not even sure at this point of the game because we just got back from a huge chow down at Perkins ~ I had a veggie omelet, home fries and pancakes. I am still stuffed.

    I hope the rain stops but if not, I might make a pot of potato soup with kielbasa or a pot of chili.

    What will be served on your table for dinner?

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    We have lots of tomatoes so I think BLT's.

    I am going to make Beans Herbed focaccia bread....which may not last until dinner time!! LOL

    I cant believe Cindy is not here yet!

    Editing to add ...hubby made sausage gravy and ate half the bread with it!!!
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      Perkins muffins are the best. I used to work by one, but now I would have to travel 45 minutes to get one. phewy.

      I think it'll be leftover pizza, and brownies. Not too much in the mood for cooking today. It's lazy Sunday for me.
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        We are finally trying the beer can chicken (on the grill now) and the Double Tomato Bruschetta recipe posted in T&T.


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          ummm, beer butt (as we call it) chicken is good, but around here DH gets to drink 1/2 the can of beer first, I have never had a time all the beer evaporates. Tonight dinner here is going to be chili dog casserole and watermelon.
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            It's a lazy, warm day here today so either leftover pizza, or I'll drop by my folk's in a couple hours and have dinner with them.

            For lunch I had a Reese's McFlurry from McDonalds. YUM!
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              Even though it is rainy and really cool...I am grilling hamburgers, corn on the cob, and will also have coleslaw.


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                We are having grilled chicken breast with a lemon sauce, broccoli, pasta and lemon jello cake.


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                  Hubby finally decided what he wanted. Italian sausages, peppers, onions and marinara sauce over penne pasta and side salads.


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                    Had company...we had hot roast beef sandwiches over crusty bread, garlic mashed potatos, cucumber salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Modified mine to fit my diet...the beef over low-cal bread, skipped the potatos, and only had strawberries for dessert. I am determined to be good this week!


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                      Rotisseried a chicken in the crock pot. Sauteed zucchini w/ parsley for me and sauteed leftover fingerling potatoes for babe of a DH w/ rosemary and parsley... and salad, of course.
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                        chicken and dumplings

                        Made a big pot of chicken and dumplings.


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                          DH heated up some left over pizza - actually tasted better on day 2!!!!!!

                          This pizza is SO GOOD...........it's piled up about 2 inches high under the cheese.

                          Had rootbeer to go with it! Keep wanting to make rootbeer floats, but we keep drinking the rootbeer before we can make them!!!


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                            We went to my inlaws. Mother-in-law is Italian (Sicilian), so she can cook up a storm. Fine with me. She cooks we eat. Sweet dear lady she is.
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