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    How many of you into a second relationship get along with the X's? Hubby and I get along very well with his X and her new hubby. In fact we spent most of the day at their house helping them get ready for my stepdaughters graduation party tomorrow. Of course we were also invited to come and celebrate, which we may drop in. If we go to school events, they generally save us seats and we do the same.

    Two summers ago, I went to visit my son in Colorado, where his father and new wife also live. We went sight seeing together as well as dinner and visited. I had not seen or really talked to my X in years and it was nice to have my son see all of us get along like adults should.

    How many of you have a good relationship with your X's and/or their spouses?

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    I don't have an ex, as in husband. But...I've thought often of how weird I would feel if I had a child with someone and we were no longer together and how I would feel if that person was with someone else. I have no idea how it feels, but I give everyone in that situation tons of credit. I think I would feel jealous, even if I didn't want the ex back, like why is it working with someone else and not me? But then again, on the flip side, maybe it didn't work with me and I'd be grateful to be rid of that person? I dunno....


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      I get along well enough with my ex (heck, I let him move back in with me while he looked for a job), but seeing how he married the little girl he was cheating on me with (for 3 years mind you) I really don't see how we all can be friends. I mean, I am so happy he is permanently out of my life, but I can't reconcile the feelings I have about being deceived for so long. Even though they have been married 9 months, he never speaks her name to me and has never brought her around and hasn't introduced her to our I guess he wants to keep that separate. Besides, she only speaks spanish and my spanish is really really bad.
      A man of words and not of deeds, is like a garden full of weeds.


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        I dont have kids so no ties to my ex really except a long past together.

        I left him after 13 years of marriage for my now fiancee one point years ago we gave him all our old furniture as we replaced it room set, dining room set you name it but we have no contact ...better this way as my fiance has offered to have a match with him on WWF (in his words!) just to kick his a** and give the money to charity ....HAHAHA men are really silly when you think about it too much!!


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          When I walked up to my ex at my youngest DD's college graduation and said, "Hello, how are you?" he turned and walked away w/o a word. His lady friend and I just stood and looked at each other till she stuck out her hand and said, "Hi, my name is Marilyn." She was lovely and we were friendly for the afternoon. Of course the story my other kids heard back was that it was ME who turned and walked away after HE said hello.

          It's a terrible shame for the kids, because his family has not only rewritten history, but continue to reinterpret the kid's experiences and observations so that they can either accept that what they experienced and remember is not true or they can be in constant conflict w/ his whole family.

          None of my kids will have traditional weddings (if they marry at all) that would bring us all together.

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            I don't care for me ex a whole lot, especially since he hasn't seen his kids in over a year and hasn't paid child support in almost that long. He doesn't even talk about seeing them.

            It makes it difficult when he told my kids that he hoped I died during childbirth with my third child, and they also watched him physically abuse his wife twice and MOM once and it caused them a lot of problems.

            It's for the best that he's gone and out of their lives, but I have so little respect for him that I really have no reason to communicate with him. He literally doesn't even know what grade they're in, and doesn't ask for grade cards, etc., so I see no need to even talk to him. He calls every couple of months and they talk for a couple of minutes tops.

            He is, however, currently taking me back to court to get his child support lowered. I don't know what it matters what he's SUPPOSED to pay when he pays nothing anyway.