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  • A BIG Thank-you

    A BIG thanks to those who are bringing the old posts over from the old board! Fatkat, wishingstar, apanda.. That is alot of work! I have found oldies I have forgotten about! Great job

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    Hey gmom - I've seen a bunch of GREAT recipes you have contributed to CopyKat, so THANK YOU

    I am just taking a break from all that copy and pasting but we only have a few pages left and it will be done.

    There are so many good recipes on this board. I cannot wait to try some.


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      I might have missed a couple of people, if I did I am sorry. Fatkat you deserve a break for all that work. Thanks, I really love this site. I can spend hours here. LOL Have a great night.


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        Ok, I have a question...while you crazy gals are copying and pasting like mad, how do you know what to do while the other doesn't c/p the same page? How did you divide it up?


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          Some are working front to back while others are back to front at the same time...we will meet in the middle.
          T&T has 3. They are doing it in 1/3's.


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            It seems to be working pretty well. Bean and Wishingstar will bump somewhere along the way. I am working my way to where wishingstar started and that was in the middle - LOLOL.

            We PM each other all day long.


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              and a great big thank u to all of u from me also, chop

              i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!