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    Or can I save my basil?

    My basil was doing so good......then I left town for a week and it got extra hot and dry and was flowering when I got home. I've pinched back all the flowers and watered really well. But will I be able to save the rest of it to use or will it be bitter cause it flowered.

    I always have trouble harvesting my herbs (except for the rosemary) cause I just don't know how to do it. Do I grab a few leaves from the bottom, cut off the top etc. etc.

    Any advice?

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    I have had basil flower before and pinched it back and it seems to be fine. I dont think it will be bitter. I dont know what is with the basil this year?? I have heard so many having trouble with it either not growing at all, or having a sort of greyish "blight" on the plants?? Mine seems to be doing pretty good right now. I have been pinching it everyday though. You can always chop and freeze it in ice cube trays for later use in stews and soups etc. ,or dry it and jar it up. I usualy snip mine off for use from the bottom. And I always plant some early and then do a follow up planting so I have a constant supply. Especially basil, as I use alot of that. Good luck Kat.


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      I keep pinching my parsley and the plant loves it and gets bushier. I think the basil will be fine.


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        My basil is wimpy this year. Usually it grows like small bushes, but, it doesn't seem happy where it is. I may move my potted herbs today, even thought they are been in the same spot for years and done well. Maybe they just need a change.

        I freeze all of my herbs in ziplock bags and use what I need during the winter months.