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I'm back from Germany

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  • I'm back from Germany

    OK I go away on vacation and everyone runs away to a new CC. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

    I just got back yesterday so am still living in German time which is 6 hours in advance of mine here in Toronto.

    3 weeks of wet weather - beautiful country but was it ever cold and wet during this visit. One day we even had very light snow mixed with the rain. The area I went to last time was blanketed with snow so I'm glad we chose a different area this time. Our last 3 days were beautiful weather though.

    I took a bus tour one day and ended up in Austria where I took a gondola up one of the mountains. I jumped into the first available one and figured others would join me but I went up (and up and up and up) all alone - fairly freaky.

    It was snowing on top and there was about 6 inches of snow laying there already. I started laughing when I saw the chairlifts for skiers that go up even higher - I thought I was at the top already and there was more to go (it wasn't running however). An innocent bystander was waylaid to take my picture so that I could prove I was in the snow in May/June.

    I'll post a link to my pictures when I get them set up.

    Glad to be back though. It is somewhat stressful being where few speak the same language. They were all so pleasant.

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    Welcome back and glad you found us! LOL

    Sorry about the wet weather you had to deal with. When I visited Italy, we took a gondola ride, so much fun!

    Looking forward to seeing your pics.


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      Welcome Back Ruby

      Wow, what a trip for you........I would have certainly joined you on the gondola and I cannot wait to see your pictures.


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        Welcome back ...cant wait to see your pictures!!


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          glad you found us Rube ...would love to see your pictures
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            welcome home, glad u found us! sounds like a great trip and looking forward to pics, chop

            i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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              Welcome back. May & June are always cold & rainy in Germany. I remember always packing my umbrella when I used to go home with my kids and light coats.


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                I'm so jealous! I loved Germany. I got to visit Europe in '79, (an eternity ago) but thought it was so incredible to be in Italy in 100 degree heat, drive for a day and be in the Alps knee deep in snow! I wasn't interested in going to Gremany till I got there, then I fell in love with the country. I would so love to go back one day. Cann't wait to see your pics.
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                  Welcome back world traveller! Can't wait to see the pics!


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                    Welcome home - Can't wait to see the photos! Glad you had a good time.. despite the weather ~~
                    Catch up on your sleep.. and make sure to let us know more!


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                      Welcome home!


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                        What a trip! Can't wait to see photos! WELCOME HOME!


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                          My flight got in Saturday at 3:00 PM, out through customs with luggage about 4:00 and home by cab by 5:00. I bribed the cabbie to drag my enormous suitcase upstairs so that I wouldn't break my back.

                          This is my third trip to Germany. I started going there 4 years ago with an elderly friend of mine (83 now) and she goes every 2 years. It is difficult for her as she's very hard of hearing so having a hearing companion is a big help for her. Besides, we've basically adopted each other.

                          Each time she says it is her last time but she's already planning on the next trip in 2 years as it is her cousin's 50th anniversary and there will be a big party.

                          I can't wait to see the pictures either but they will never do justice to that beautiful country.


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                            Welcome back! I'm green w/ envy at all your travels!!
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                              Welcome back! You were missed here at the new CK! Where in Germany did you visit? My best friend is in Heidelberg with her DH and kids, stationed there.
                              I would love to visit her in Germany.
                              Please do post links to pics!!