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Hot Cajun Peanuts and Wasabi Peas

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  • Hot Cajun Peanuts and Wasabi Peas

    Oh My - what a combo

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    Where did you have those? At the Iron Bridge?
    I would love to meet you and Shadow for a lunch there sometime. I've eaten there and liked it a lot.


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      OMG, where did my post go? There was more to it than that - LOLOL.

      I posted that I found these at the bulk store in Volant. There was a ton of really cool stuff. I got some wasabi peas, some hot cajun peanuts, and some of those deep fried sesami sticks.

      Maddison, OMG there is a new winery in Volant and the previous owner of Wilhelm now owns this place and you cannot believe the wine there. 500 times better than Wilhelm. I thought the wine was off tasting at Wilhelm this year and come to find out, they are not using the vineyard grapes because the previous owner still has rights to them and made wine for his new winery in Volant.

      Tell your hubby that I found the BEST Riesling wine that was made in the Ice Wine style with big bold flavors, the Delaware is also big and bold and he introduced a new wine called Red Raspberry Splash ($15 for a small bottle but worth every penny).

      We have to go, me, apanda and shadow. Then lunch at Iron Bridge Inn or Rachels Roadhouse. Both places are excellent.
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        Oh, I am so IN!! Let's set a date and do it! Something better than Wilhelm? SHUT UP!! No way! I'm all over that like peanut butter and jelly!
        So...apanda and shadow....what you say?