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I got a three pound pup on my lap

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  • I got a three pound pup on my lap

    with butt nuggets! And I'm picking them off at 1:18am! Oh gosh I've entered the land of crazy mama! Baby girl Gabriella is on my lap with crusty butt *things* and a good mama picks them off. Oh gosh why am I still up?

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    Ok I know why...because she's the cutest thing ever...a little teacup pomeranian who loves her mama!

    Here's my baby Gabby girl with her big brother Bailey:

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      AWWWWWW!!! theyre so darn cute worthy of early morning butt nugget picking, LOL

      My crew just checked on me ...I am usally in bed by now! 2 are by my feet on their 'blankey' and well the other 2 are snuggled in bed ...with Mr.Snoarhead!!


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        Don't read this post while eating Triscuits like I did! Shes just a little dollie all the same!


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          Triscuits! They're great for breakfast with muenster cheese and mustard.


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            Had mine with some left over spray cheese...breakfast of champions!


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              Butt nuggets and Spray cheese ???? You girls are killing me - LOLOL. Okay, Gabby is adorable. She is so tiny and loves to cradle in your arms.

              Maddison, what in the world were you up so late for?


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                ..just had to open this thread ... as I had just opened this site to get my morning updates ... and, of course, my pom is parked on my lap ... as usual ... your teacup is soooooooo cute! Mine is bigger ... but, thankfully, no butt nuggets!!!