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  • Good Monday Morning

    I think Kat is at the ocean today and not sure if anyone was going to post this so my apologizies if so.

    Today is going to be an absolutely perfect spring sky, fluffy white clouds, light breeze, low humidity and mid 70's. can't ask for a better day in my opinion.

    Mom dropped off another plant for my garden ~ a white bleeding heart ~ that came up as a volunteer in her garden. I had one planted last year but the neighbor kids stepped on it and busted the stem off. It never came back and just last week I found it popping out of the ground. So now I will have 2
    I need to get that planted in the ground today.

    I have a ton of weeding to do since my hand surgery. I also will be addressing graduation invites, ordering the rest of the food and some serious house cleaning.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day today.

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    Good Morning everybody, I hope Kat and her husband are having a wonderful time at the beach.
    fatkat, it sounds like you are going to be one busy lady today. Myself, I have a dental appointment, YUK ! Nothing major, just the yearly check and cleaning, but I still hate it. Hopefully she won't find anything that needs work.


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      Good morning fatkat, sounds like a full day for you.
      I plan to do some deep cleaning myslef.We have VBS at our church next week and leave on our first summer trip the next,so I want to get the house spruced up as It will onlly get a "lick and a promise" afterwards. May get a few loads of laundry in too.
      Have a good day!
      I organize chores into catagories.
      Things I won't do now; things I won't do later; things I'll never do.


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        Good Morning,

        Looks like it's going to be 90 today. I have more gardening to do, if not today then tomorrow! So many pepper plants need to be transplanted.

        Regular stuff for a Monday, laundry and picking up after the weekend.

        Have a great day everyone.


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          The sun is trying hard to break thru the clouds where it's been hiding for days! We've enjoyed the last few days of cooler temps tho!

          Labor day for me... altho I try not to labor TOO hard... haha. Monday comes around so fast!!

          Great day all!!
          "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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            Good morning!!

            We have 2 windows to put in today ...the heat is coming back so...just in time! besides that just the usual stuff. I am still trying to get as many recipes from here to my recipecircus account, love it!

            Have a nice day all

            I miss the smileys!!!!!


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              I miss the features/options too Wishingtar


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                I would love to be at the ocean now. I'm totally jealous. Anyway, it is a good day, cause I'm off work for the summer. I'm supposed to be cleaning the basement and DS was going to help, but he took off with a friend. We are re-doing our basement and we have to do most of the work except the carpet. Well, you can see what I'm doing!


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                  Very hot sunny day here to-day. Should go out and weed some more of my rhubarb patch, it's a total mess but did have rhubarb out of it for supper last night and for breakfast this morning. Am getting some bags of stuff ready to ship to the school yard sale. Got rid of one but have a few to go.


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                    I'm off work today. I need to get this house in order and finish laundry, as I'm leaving for State College, PA tomorrow for three days of drug/alcohol training for work. It should be fun. I love State College in the summer when most of the students have left. So relaxed and peaceful there. I'm going with two cool co-workers, so that is a relief.


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                      Good Morning now that i'm finally on line


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                        Not much planned for today. I do have a mani and pedi appointment later, then I'll probably stop for lunch at one of my favorite Thai restaurants.
                        Later, lounge around the pool.
                        "If you're given a choice between money and sex appeal, take the money. As you get older, the money will become your sex appeal."~Katharine Hepburn